Anticipation >Prediction >Planning

SONY DSCThis post is by Nancy Jardine.

Some of the readers of this blog may know that I eagerly awaited the end of August 2016, the reason being that I was making a trip to the US from my Scottish homeland. I anticipated some lovely hot sunny days, brand new places to visit and the joys of reuniting with US based family members before, during, and after a family wedding.

Pasadena City Hall

I had a brilliant holiday and was completely in awe of all the natural wonders (and some man made ones) I saw in Nevada, Utah, Arizona and California.

San Gabriel Mountains behind Los Angeles

Deserts; impressive colourful canyons; sprawling cities (some ever so fanciful like Las Vegas); beautiful buildings; mountain ranges…I loved them all.

This photo below makes it look as though there was just one peak at the top of the San Gabriel Mountains, California. Not so at all! The range is massive, majestic and the drops down onto the canyons are all spectacular. (Yes, that tiny brick wall around 1 foot high is all that separates a vehicle and a person from a drop of thousands of feet- YIKES!)

But now I’m home I have to do the Anticipation >Prediction >Planning thing. Sadly, no, I’m not planning another trip (though that sounds so appealing) but I do have to anticipate, make predictions, and plan the last months of 2016 in my author calendar. As my fellow writers will know, that will not just be anticipating adding to, and hopefully completing, my current writing in progress. The DREADED MARKETING planning looms! It will be for both paperback and for ebook sales.New Facebook withnew TE

Paperback Sales… I’ve sold lots of my paperback novels already this year at my regular Craft Fair venues and have had really encouraging feedback from return customers. Having now sold at these fairs for 2 years, I thought I could predict approximate paperback sales over a ‘selling season’ (April- Dec). I added to my stocks in May and June, guessing that I’d have sufficient supplies to last till Dec., but since I’ve sold more of The Taexali Game and Topaz Eyes than I had anticipated I’m happily back to the planning board for those two!

With the Christmas/Winter season approaching, I’ve booked three much larger venues with potentially a lot more footfall to sell to. Back to prediction. What’s a realistic amount of paperbacks that I’m likely to sell at these new venues? How many new copies should I buy so that my stocks are sufficient?

One venue in mid-November will have over 100 craft & design tables with the anticipation of something upwards of 1000 visitors looking at the goodies on sale. I’ve attended this yearly event before as a shopper and know it’s always a seething mass of browser/customers (event organised by the American Women’s Association of Aberdeen). I’ve been advised to bring lots of stock with me but many should I take? Anticipate> predict> plan…I’m ordering new stock today!

Ah, ebooks. They’re so different… I don’t know about you, but I find that ebook sales are much harder to plan for and much, much harder to achieve. I find it really difficult to decide which services I can afford that might just help sell more ebooks. I now have a tiny profit (and I do mean tiny) from my paperback sales that I want to use to promote my ebooks but like most authors (I believe), I can’t afford to waste it. I’ve looked at a number of suggestions but many depend on having a clutch of 5 star reviews (maybe 10- 30)- which I don’t at present have, so I need to use sites which are reputable though maybe less optimistic.


Last year, I spent fees for a whole year on what I thought might be a good author/ reader site and didn’t get any ebook sales from it. I tried a couple of Facebook adverts that resulted in almost nothing- though that was possibly due to poor targets being set by me. With better knowledge I might try FB adverts again but it’s a taxing learning curve putting up ads with FaceBook!

This week I’ve paid a small fee to a site for their basic package to promote my mystery thriller Topaz Eyes. We’ll see how that goes. I need to find a suitable site to promote my Teen Time Travel historical adventure The Taexali Game– but nothing yet seems tailor made for a 10 – 14 year age group. More internet searching looms! But…If anyone has any suggestions of great promotional sites that only require minimum fees, please share – I’d be very grateful!

I’m this close to the North sea, today.

Meanwhile, till I get better at the ebook marketing, I’m out today (Saturday) at a new sea-side venue -Newtonhill- with my FOCUS (meaning Festival of Crafts Unique to Scotland) Craft Fair buddies. If get the chance after it’s over I’ll be off down the sand dunes for a little wander! I fancy a paddle in the surf if the day turns out to be a sunny one.

Whatever you’re doing this weekend- enjoy!

Nancy Jardine writes:~ Historical Romantic Adventures set in Roman Scotland; Contemporary Romantic Mysteries set in fabulous world-wide locations; and Historical Time Travel Adventures for Teens.

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10 thoughts on “Anticipation >Prediction >Planning

  1. I’m still working on the marketing aspect. I am somewhat luck that my publisher does help. If I come across any ideas, I’ll be sure to pass them along. Doris


  2. If you discover the secret of ebook sales, let me know. I am probably going to buy a Facebook ad for my fantasy trilogy and see if any sales bloom due to it. It’ll be after my September Social Security check shows up in my checking account. If it works, I’ll do it again when my Civil War novel gets published.


    1. I tried a FB ad last year, Mike, but think it’s all down to how you do the targetting. Too wide ang it’s no good but what is just right is elusive.


    1. Thank you, Neva. I’m always awed by just how tiny Scotland is in comparison to the US states that I’ve visited. Thanks also re the sales venues. Ditto for all of my Wrangler author friends.


  3. I have not had the time or health to do much as far as promoting or writing. I used Facebook once and increased traffic to my FB page for awhile. November, and Nano Nano is coming up again. I find it helps me tio stay focused. Thanks for the post. Next time you come to America, you must start in Florida or wherever I am at the time. Cher’ley


    1. You’re right about me needing to see the east coast of the US. Not been there yet, Cher’ley but I’ve now got a lot of saving up to do before I travel anywhere. 😉


  4. Really good post, Nancy. You are such a good planner! I confess that is my downfall – I hate marketing my own books, but I know the need if they are to sell. I can’t believe it, but it’s been almost 3 years since I’ve written. I need to finish out my Inzared series and market the set. Illness has forced me to rest, but I think it’s time. Best of luck with your marketing and writing. Sounds like you’ve got it all covered!


  5. I admire your perseverance in marketing, Nancy. I have three signings set up for October and one in November and another in December. I haven’t had much luck at bookstore signings lately, but perhaps closer to Christmas I will. And, October events will partner with local animal shelters for Adopt a Shelter Dog Month, helping to promote dog adoptions as well as book sales. We’ll see how that all goes. Wishing you all the best and so glad you enjoyed your U.S. trip!


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