Paneful times…

ccnancyjardinePost holiday blues…and as the case may be it…greys. One of the most welcome things about my recent holiday in the US was the almost continuous blue, blue sky.

Now that I’ve been back home in Scotland for th20160928_155858e last 22 days, grey skies have vastly outnumbered the solid blue ones. That often doesn’t bother me much, especially if the outside temperature is reasonable, but the colour blue above really can be a great uplifter of the spirits.
This is especially so when I’ve been doing garden maintenance which includes removing the glass from my old and decrepit 6.5 ft x 16 ft large greenhouse. I’m now down to 17 panes to come out (the total having been around 110).  The old putty is being removed ‘panestakingly’ (I’ve just invented a new word) from each so that I can remove the glass virtually intact.


Now, you might be saying why not just take a sledge hammer to the panes and be done much more quickly? Well, once the whole structure is removed, I intend to use the space in that part of the 20160930_1633091garden for a strawberry/vegetable bed and I don’t want a one that’s full of shards of glass next year.(Some readers of the blog may remember that my daughter’s house stands on what used to be my veggie and fruit garden) I’m also on a nostalgia trip because my dad was a glazier and he taught me to respect glass and use it sensibly and carefully – and that included getting rid of unwanted broken panes.

And the nostalgia brings me to my ten year plans. When I moved into my present old house in April 1988, it came with the above greenhouse which had been ‘tarted up’ for the sale. Even I could see that it was already a good few decades old, the metal frame set atop breeze blocks but it was a fantastic size and back then, I was really into growing my own bedding plants, veggies and fruits. Some broken panes of glass had to be removed and replaced by yours truly over the decades because I’m sad to say I moved to Aberdeenshire a few months after my dad died, so he never ever saw my lovely greenhouse.

My view up through the frame! 

This last decade has seen my poor greenhouse, and the paving around it, succumb to age and weather. The breeze blocks are crumbling and the wooden sill rotten through, so much so that I’m surprised that the frame is still attached to the wall. Sadly, it was a danger to my grandkids so it has to go. Persistence is the name of the game because not all panes were in place using glazier’s putty. Some I’ve found to be extremely stubborn since something more like a mortar mix has been used.  AARGH! The thing is that I’m enjoying the work because I’m stubborn as well. I’ll be paying for people to remove and get rid of the frame BUT the glass is my job and I’m determined to do it properly. (I’m definitely not paying for the quoted job where they were going to bring in a mini bulldozer to wreck the whole thing and make a disastrous mess of the soil. )

Around a decade ago my ten year plan for the greenhouse was to ‘keep it going for a bit longer’…but by 2013, it was so difficult to keep it ‘sterile’ and pest free. (Oops, that included my granddaughter!) I’ve also had another ten year plan since 2011 – a writing plan – and that was to get a novel published.

Selfie at roof level- much harder to do than the main job

I did get published quickly but I forgot to add to my plan a really good marketing strategy to make my novels become popular as well as published. All authors know that’s not nearly the same thing! So, I’m about to pop my head up into new places and try some new marketing strategies. On my brand new Excel spreadsheet for marketing the end quarters of 2016 (Q3 &Q4) into end of Q2 2017, I’ve put some FREE days on Amazon for my self- published novel. In fact, The Taexali game is FREE right now 1st-3rd Oct.  HERE  However, if you’re reading this post too late – don’t worry the book will still be there for another day and no doubt, another marketing ploy!

I’m off to do some more glass removals and some book promotion. Whatever you’re doing – Enjoy your weekend!

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22 thoughts on “Paneful times…

  1. I enjoyed your reminiscing about the greenhouse. One of the sub-scenes in the Civil War novel takes place in a greenhouse. It’s part of my romantic ballroom scene. Greenhouses have always fascinated me.


    1. I think you might be referring to one much larger than mine, Mike. LOL. I have read a few novels where some ‘happenings’ occur in the greenhouse. 🙂


  2. Wow, you are determined, and I applaud you on your greenhouse efforts. Now the marketing is giving me fits, so I will watch your progress with eager eyes. Wishing you the best and thanks for making the book free. Doris


  3. Nancy, sounds like you do have a “panestaking” job. If we make you feel any better it`s been raining in Florida everyday for the past week, which isn’t unusual for FL, we
    have a lot of showers, but these have been downpours. I need to work on marketing
    , and finish the two novels I have started. Cher’ley


  4. I can identify with your goals in regards to novels but in sympathy only in regards to your greenhouse. I have a very hard time sticking with “panestaking” jobs such as you have taken on. I admire people like you! May the future be “panefully” clear that you will be successful at both jobs!


    1. Thank you, Neva. The jobs are a ‘pane’ in the neck but there’s huge satisfaction when they’re done- including book marketing/


  5. Love your post, Nancy! My husband and I have windows from an old ranch house, which were given to us by our friends who own the home when they remodelled. The glass has been in our garage for nearly 10 years. Hubby had hoped to make a greenhouse years ago, but that didn’t pan/pane out, so now the goal is to use the glass for solar panels, adding to our unit at the cabin and (hopefully) power more lights and a fridge (currently, we use a large ice cooler as we don’t usually stay longer than 4 days. My marketing plans have also taken much time to develop, but I now have some new ideas also after reading a marketing book. Patience and persistence are virtues, they say — perhaps you and I (and other of our Wranglers friends) will have a lot more virtue this year! Here’s to success for all of us!


    1. Good luck with the glass reuse, Gayle and as to the persistence in marketing – I wholeheartedly agree. May we all have a great year to come!


  6. Enjoyed the post, Nancy. So glad you are fond of old things – as am I. It sometimes hurts to destroy something we had hope for, but I’m sure when the work is done you’ll be happy. Sounds like you are really working hard at writing and publishing. Good Luck!


    1. I hate getting rid of anything old, Linda, but when it comes down to safety for my grankids that’s something else! It really was past restoration. I’ll let you know how the publishing/marketing is progressing sometime soon.


  7. I’m impressed that you’re handling the glass yourself. I wouldn’t dare–manual dexterity isn’t my strong suit. Neither is marketing. My critique group put out an anthology of short stories last year but forgot about promoting it, so we’re playing catch-up, scheduling readings and such. My own effort has been mostly donating copies to hotels I stay in–rather lame, I guess, but one receptionist beamed when I offered copies to her and, as I walked away, opened one and began reading. I hope she kept going all the way to the end.


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