The Zen of Envelope Stuffing

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Today, at work, I spent 4 (yes, F-O-U-R) hours stuffing envelopes. My organization sends out a lot of mailings. We’re a nonprofit, and we often have volunteers handle the envelope stuffing and stamping, but my envelopes contained the YTD giving history for our donors. Since this is obviously confidential information I am the only person who can handle them. So all 400 envelopes were my responsibility.


Now, I could complain about it…especially since I went in on my day off to get the task done, but I won’t. Sure, it was an incredibly repetitive task, but I found it rather soothing. Pick up letter, stuff in envelope, seal envelope, place in pile. Later take pile to stamper. Run through stamper-put in outgoing mailbox. Zen, I tell you!


I actually sort of enjoy the occasional envelope stuffing party. It certainly gives my brain a chance to wander. I think about plots of my current books and try to guess the outcome or I plot my next knitting or jewelry project and before I know it the task is done.


While it was mundane, it was rather gratifying to see the stack of statements in the undone shrink and the done pile grow. I feel the same way about laundry. I dump out the laundry, sort it and fold it and put it away–boring yes, but what a sense of accomplishment.


Do you feel the same way about repetitive chores/tasks?

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8 thoughts on “The Zen of Envelope Stuffing

  1. I won’t complain about the nearly fifty post cards I sent out last month to promote my new book and the twenty-five to thirty Christmas letters I mail each year. I bet you’re glad to be done with envelope stuffing for a while.


  2. A student told me his girlfriend, a senior in high school, had gotten a part-time job in which all she did was type an X in a box on a form, page after page. He said that would drive him crazy. I was teaching English at the time and, quite frankly, thought I could be happy typing Xs all day, every day. But I kept that to myself.


  3. Sometimes I’m quite happy with repetitive tasks- though maybe not filling envelopes! I do, however, love it when I’ve achieved something as repetitive as cutting the lawn grass – for me that’s a lot of walking up and down creating newly mown stripes.


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