Wow! It’s National Bridge Day!

ccnancyjardineThis post is by Nancy Jardine.

I’m endlessly amused when I check in to Facebook, or Twitter, or Google+ and find that it’s a ‘National SOMETHING Day’. I just happened to pick up a reference to today, 15th October, while I was looking for some inspiration for a topic for this blog post and it led me to do a tiny bit of research. That was in between the larger amounts of historical research I do pretty well every day.

So what is the 15th October graced with? Should you prefer it you could celebrate it being National Grouch Day, National Cake Decorating Day, Global Handwashing Day, National Mushroom Day, National Chicken Cacciatore Day, I Love Lucy Day… and a whole lot more. (BTW – I love chicken cacciatore) Have a look at the following if you’d like to see what other crazy things are celebrated on the 15th October.   Or look at these ones for the whole of October…

grumpy-grover-nancy-jardineAs we all know, there are 365 days in a year (and 366 in a leap year) but amazingly there are over 1200 ‘National SOMETHING days’. I’m sure that’s just perfect for those canny people who sell National Day Calendars! But before I go on to National Bridge Day, here’s a little bit about having a ‘Grouch’ day. It seems this celebration was started by grouches who wanted to share their exceptionally grumpy lives.

Why not? Indeed….so if you’re a grouch, celebrating on the 15th October, then you could give seriously backhanded compliments and share them on Social Media. Hmmm…I personally think there’s a lot of that going on every day on Social Media.

Official National Bridge Day? I wondered if it had something to do with getting together with friends and playing lots of card games of Bridge. I know of a few women in my neighbourhood who regularly meet to play Bridge. They love the companionship, the pitting of their wits, possibly even the addictive gambling aspects should they go down that form of play, as well as honing their considerable skills in what some devotees would say is the most skilful card game of all. I, personally, would be a poor Bridge player, methinks, since some days I can barely remember the names of people around a table never mind which were the last five cards they have just played!

61781567_s – Japan

So what is National Bridge Day? It isn’t to do with cards, but it is for the daredevils among us who prefer much more physical thrills. You’ll love the 15th October if you’re like my son-in-law who loves things like jumping from bridges while attached to a bungee cord or a dangling rope. The image here of a gorge in Japan is beautiful, and I’d truly love to swim there, but dangling from a rope first doesn’t really appeal.

Fayettville, West Virginia, certainly has been doing the day proud. Since 1980, jumpers have been allowed to jump from the New River Gorge Bridge on this special day when all of the traffic lanes are closed, except to pedestrians…and to the paraphernalia that the jumpers need. The videos below show that it can be a great day out with many fun activities to watch, or even experience, BUT personally I’m not into leaping off a bridge today or any other 15th October. Day.

However, I did write about someone called Nairn Malcolm, in my contemporary humorous romantihigh-resc mystery Take Me Now, who does love all sorts of dangerous sporting activities. Nairn is the owner of an ‘extreme sports’ business and I had a lot of ‘armchair’ fun researching what might be the kind of sports he’d be offering to customers via his Adrenalinn Adventure Sports company.
He offers B.A.S.E. jumping type activities, and many others that I probably would try so long as dropping from a great height isn’t involved. I’ll happily manage to peer over the edge but a long dangle?…Oh, No!

BTW- I also call Take Me Now my corporate sabotage mystery because someone is maliciously targeting both Nairn and his businesses …and they’re not at all sporting about it!

How about you? Are you like me and prefer your daredevil leaping to be a bit more ground based? Whatever you might be doing this weekend, daring or not- enjoy! 

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23 thoughts on “Wow! It’s National Bridge Day!

  1. My aunt tried to teach me to play bridge when I was in college, but it didn’t work–I refuse to think that hard when I’m supposed to be having fun. I don’t care to jump off bridges either. So I guess I’ll have to go with I Love Lucy Day and National Grouch Day (which some of my students thought I celebrated 365 days a year). Thanks for the post, Nancy. With the information here, I’m going to look for something better to celebrate than grouchiness.


  2. Interesting post. I know you can find a day to celebrate almost anything. Watched the video’s and enjoyed watching other people fall! I guess we can start our own celebration day for something. I just ate a caramel apple and that day “Caramel Apple Day” is coming up October 31st. So will have to buy some more as I’m sure the ones I bought will be gone by then!


    1. Oh, Neva- Caramel apple sounds exactly like what we called ‘Toffee Apples’ when I was young and they were dished out at Halloween. My mum was the best toffee apple maker in the area because she always picked the most suitable kind of apples and, of my neighbours, she made the best liquid toffee to swirl them in when the apples were on the lollipop sticks. I loved them because the hard toffee would flake off the apple with easy bites without destroying the apple skin. Lovely memories. I think you must get some more… 😉


  3. What a fun post! I never thought about how many “something” days there are, but it does seem that I see them on Facebook nearly all the time. I love rollercoasters (that’s my extreme sport) but I don’t have any aspirations to bungee jump anywhere!


    1. I’ll be looking out for what pops up next as a new national day craze, Linda. My bungee-ing days never really started. Since I always ended upside down when I tried abseiling off a (short) cliff as a teenager, the idea of dangling has no good memories.


  4. I’ve been to the New River Gorge bridge, no I didn’t jump or even think about jumping. I don’t consider myself the daredevil type. I would love to go watch one day but it never seems to make it onto my calendar.


  5. I imagine there’s a very relaxed attitude once the first few have ‘gone over’. “Oh, look! That ones’ doing a triple flip…” 😉


    1. I have seen a number of videos from Bridge day and yes it is all fun and laughter until someone goofs and hits the rocks or a tree. Then everyone after that seems pretty nervous.


  6. I enjoy learning about bridges. Growing up along the Mississippi River in Iowa, there were many bridges in my area, including the one connecting my community to the state of Illinois. Then there are the covered bridges, which I find interesting, too. Never been a bridge card-player and NEVER would bungee-jump, so guess I’m not a dare-devil. 🙂 I like Grouch Day; in fact, an Iowa friend of mine wrote a children’s book about “The Grouchies,” and got a tradition started in her local library and school to celebration “Grouch Day.” 🙂 Fun post, Nancy — thanks for sharing!


  7. Nancy, I may be a daredevil in some areas, but anything having to do with dangling by a thread is not one of them.

    What a fun post. Like you, I can live through the experiences of others who are a bit more adventurous than myself. Doris


    1. Yes, Doris. It’s a nice thought that from my desk chair that i can lice/ maybe enjoy some of the experiences of others on my laptop screen. The dangling thing doesn’t seem to be all that popular with us Wranglers! 🙂


  8. I love posts about National “something” Day. A friend and fellow author on FB posts every day about what National __________Day it is. I always find them entertaining as I did this blog post!


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