Falling for Wildlife

IMGP6507By S. J. Brown

Okay so maybe the title is a little deceptive. I am sure most of you are looking forward to stories about how clumsy I am when I am focused on a critter.  Sorry that isn’t today’s subject.

Instead I am focusing on the changing seasons. I’m sure most people think summer time is prime time for photographing wildlife, not this summer.  When it the temperature hits the upper 90’s most of us are hot, cranky and generally in a bad mood.  Critters feel the same way.  Approaching a cranky deer can get you charged, or stomped by those powerful hoofs.


Bears are large, strong, and have massive claws and some nasty teeth as well. They don’t like the heat either.  A large bird just trying to stay cool doesn’t want to pose for a picture.  They can show their irritation by swooping down and attacking with their razor sharp talons.


So I spent most of my summer approaching smaller critters less dangerous critters. I added shots of, some passive shore birds, butterflies, squirrels, ducks, and frogs.


Now that the hot oppressive heat of summer is gone and Fall has arrived I am ready to go. It’s time for me to head to the woods.  This time of year the vibrant fall leaves make a great backdrop for critter photos.


So I have pulled out my sweatshirts, purchased back up batteries and extra film for the camera and I am heading to the woods. I may stop along the river’s edge and visit a lake or two in the early morning hours.  When most of you are having that second cup of coffee I will be zooming in on my next subject.


As you munch on your lunch Jay and I will be discussing where we want to be just before sunset. As you settle in for the evening I will be heading home with a number of new images and some happy memories of the day.


Enjoy the cooler temperature of fall and take a few minutes to let the colorful array of colors Mother Nature give us this time of year engulf you.   No Fall isn’t my favorite season, but it does come in second.  What is your favorite season ?

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20 thoughts on “Falling for Wildlife

  1. I have lived in Florida for over twenty years now and although there is a change of seasons they are abrupt and mixed. In my heart Fall is still my favorite. I was born and raised in New York. I loved apple picking time and pumpkin patches. The beautiful colors of the trees and the crispness in the air. However inevitably winter follows and this old body couldn’t handle the icy winds and snow that covered the land.
    I will and do still love Autumn and now even Winter. Thank goodness for memories. :o)

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Although I enjoy my trips to Florida I couldn’t live there. I would miss the change in seasons and couldn’t endure the heat in summer. I admit when the ground here in WV is snow covered Florida looks pretty good.


  2. I bet you’ll have some wonderful autumn colours in your photos SJ – please share them sometime? 🙂 and don’t go TOO close to the big grumpy bears.


    1. The leaves here are just starting to turn so I have a few weeks yet. As for grumpy bears, the temperatures have dropped just a bit and the bears are concentrating on bulking up for winter. That makes them easier to approach. As long as there is plenty of food they are pretty mellow.


  3. I love your photos. Not only do you manage to get a great picture of whatever subject you are taking, you always seem to get a perfect background of nature. Thank you so much for sharing. I wish you had been here at our lake spot a couple of weeks ago. We had ducks, geese in their V formation getting ready to fly south, chipmunks and squirrels with their little cheeks full of nuts to store away and even a feral cat. My favorite season is Spring, because I love the new life it brings after winter. I also love Fall because it’s the end of Summer and the leaves are so lovely. But then, I love Winter because I love to cross-country ski, and it’s the time I hunker down and do lots of art journaling, sewing and other crafts. But I wouldn’t leave out Summer, because it’s heavenly on the lake and I always feel at such peace there. When I lived in Mexico the one thing I really missed were the seasons. There are two there, winter (hot) and summer (unbearably hot). Good luck with your Fall photos. Sounds like such fun!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Glad you liked the photos. Yes, every season has it’s own special assets, but like you I love Spring with it’s warming temperatures, and emerging flowers.

      When I was writing this blog I watched as a squirrel marched across the deck time and time again with a walnut in it’s mouth. He is burying them in my butterfly garden.


  4. As I type this the wind is blowing and Gaby, the younger cat has decided she eneds to purr over my keyboard. I enjoy Spring and Fall almost equally, but like most, am not fond of the heat, but love the sun. Sigh.

    Great photos and enjoy your ‘journeys’ as you find the beauty of nature. Doris


  5. I love the colors of Fall, but they don’t last long. I love your critter shots. I took a few dozen of a bunch of friendly squirrels a few weeks ago. They were so cute. Tiny Florida squirrels. Thanks for sharing. Cher’ley


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