My Name is Leonard

propic11_1_1This post by L.Leander, Author of Fearless Fiction

My name is Leonard. I am a beautiful, buff male kitten, if I do say so myself. I haven’t hadunadjustednonraw_thumb_1bd much of a life up until now because my sisters and brothers and I were turned over to the Humane Society. I had to share a big cage with lots of other kitties. I tried to get them to play but they weren’t too much fun.

A couple of days ago I was neutered, and if you know what I mean, you know I didn’t appreciate it much. Someone put a sign on my recovery cage that said I was up for adoption. I might have liked a couple more days to recuperate, but no one asked me.

The other day some people came in with a Service Dog (a Shih Tzu) and one of my handlers unadjustednonraw_thumb_200came in to get me and put me in a room with the people and the female dog named Patty. I tried to get her to play, too, but she told me to go fly a kite, so I sat on the man’s lap, and then sat on the woman’s lap. I was on my best behavior – after all, I wanted a forever home. I wasn’t sure about the dog, but I figured if she tried to bug me I’d just use my claws to let her know just who is boss.

I was very excited when I found out I was being adopted. Dreams of all the kitten chow I could eat and maybe at least one toy that is just for me floated through my head. I wasn’t too fond of the ride home, because they put me in a box. Can you imagine that? A box! Even if it said Cat Box I wasn’t too impressed.

When we got home I did get some toys just for me but the dog kept playing with my feathers and bell toy. That first day I got to know my new parents but Patty the dog acted very uppity.

I ignored her. My dad loves his coffee and I like to share it with him. Mmm, what a goodunadjustednonraw_thumb_1b3 taste. It has cream in it and, well, everyone knows cats like cream. I found a favorite place to take a nap but my mommy got a little upset with me. It’s the dish drainer, just long enough for me to stretch out.

Patty sits on my dad’s lap all the time. So I thought I’d show her who is boss. I climbed all around my dad’s head and then cuddled up next to the dog to be nice. She jumped off the chair – not very polite if you ask me.

I spent another day exploring the camper I am staying in for the summer. There are lots of places to hide and I like to torment Patty because she can’t get in the spots I can. Yesterday I finally took a nap on my dad’s chest and Patty stayed in his lap. Later she let me lay by her but she still doesn’t want to play with me much. I guess I have to be patient.

Update: My family has moved home from the lake for the winter and I’m happy to say I unadjustednonraw_thumb_1a2finally won over that darned dog. We have lots of fun together now, running through the house chasing each other, grooming each other and sleeping together. If my mom would settle down a little it’d be nice. She really doesn’t like it when I jump on the kitchen counters or the table. She squirts a water bottle at me and since I don’t like it I get down. But if she only knew the places I explore when she’s gone! I try hard to get out of the house every time the door is opened but so far I haven’t gotten very far. One thing I just love – when Patty has to go outside she gets a treat when she comes in. My dad gives me three little treats first and then gives Patty a bone. I’ve got it all figured out now and I stay close to the door when they go out ‘cause I really like those chicken treats.

That’s all for now, except I really love my new home. I feel very lucky to live with such nice people and Patty. I’ll keep you posted.

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21 thoughts on “My Name is Leonard

  1. Linda, I love this. Made me cry. She’s a lucky cat. Makes me think I’d like to write a fun anthology with “From the Mouth’s of Pets” or something like that. Need a better name. Thanks for sharing his first adventures. Cher’ley


    1. I’m not sure this one has nine lives, though. He can really be a little devil when he wants to be. His latest is to climb up between the shower curtain and liner while you’re taking a shower. Scares the wits out of me. He is funny, though!


    1. Yes, I would say he pretty well has it made. He’s pretty happy and it’s a tug of war between him and Patty for control of the house. Since she was here first I think she lets him know, but he stalks her, so she may give it up!


  2. I love your story, Linda! You could make this into a piece for children. It’s delightful! Leonard sounds delightful, and you are wonderful to have adopted him! Can’t wait to hear more of his adventures (and Patty’s, too!!)!! Blessings to your wonderful little family!


    1. I’d not thought of doing this for children but it would be fun. Our dog and cat surely have some very funny adventures. We hadn’t planned to adopt a cat, but we thought Patty needed a friend as I am unable to walk her right now. With all the playing they do I think Leonard makes up for it.


    1. She’s definitely a cute little thing, isn’t she? We just love her to death! Since she has been officially trained as a service dog she is able to go everywhere with us now and she quite likes it. Especially Menards, for some reason. I don’t think I would ever be able to leash Leonard. I don’t think I’ll even try!

      Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you Neva. Leonard is a little older than when I wrote this post and he has grown. Patty will never get bigger than she is now. I may just look into doing “The Adventures of Leonard” or some such thing. It would be fun to read to kids, wouldn’t it?


  3. I think I’ve about given up on the counters too, Mike. He’s so fast I have to be faster with the water bottle and I’m the one who has to clean up the water. This morning he decided to play with the cords to Ralph’s TV speakers and I got him with the water bottle three times and he wouldn’t give up. Ralph finally got up and put them under the cable box.


  4. Linda – Here I was thinking cats were allowed on counters and the coffee machine! 😉 It sounds like Leonard and Patty have got you and your husband sussed out and will have a fabulous time.


  5. I’m finding out they must be allowed on counters because my kitten can jump from 0-60 in a second. He is fast and he can jump high. I’ve given up, I think. I just wash everything good before we eat or I prepare food. He’s a funny little thing and I love watching him and Patty play – it’s hilarious!


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