The Haunted Lizzie Borden Bed and Breakfast by Barbara Schlichting


Halloween is not Halloween without all the spooks and goblins. Tis the season to discover where to go and spend the night. Doing so, you should be completely scared.

lizzie-borden Lizzie Borden

The first place I thought of was the Lizzie Borden house. I didn’t know it was a Bed and Breakfast, which makes it all the more fun.


It’s located in the city of Fall River, Massachusetts. When the first Mrs. Borden passed away, Lizzie and her sister became distant from their father. When he remarried, they certainly didn’t care for their stepmother. This brings a whole new meaning to the word, ‘step’. Lizzie was thirty-two years old on August 4, 1892. First she took an axe to the maid, then her father, and lastly her stepmother. However, it wasn’t proven so she was acquitted.


Several rumors of seeing the spirit of Lizzie Borden, who died in 1927, have been documented. There are also claims of moving objects.

If you’re looking for a place to become rightfully spooked on Halloween, this might be the bed and breakfast for you.


Since I write the First Ladies Mystery Series, I love a good mystery.  I’ve wondered what it’d be like to spend a night in this house.  You can purchase my books from my website:


11 thoughts on “The Haunted Lizzie Borden Bed and Breakfast by Barbara Schlichting

  1. I want to go there! However, not alone and I know I’d be scared spitless. Of course, with my inherent interest in the minds of people and how those minds work, I’d like to interview her and ask, “Just what were you thinking?” Enjoyed your post.


  2. If Lizzie Borden didn’t do it, maybe the butler did, and his spirit now roams the bed and breakfast. She had the motive, so maybe she hired him to do it and chose to suffer the consequences without implicating him. Who knows?


  3. I would love to visit this bed & breakfast. I’m not sure if I could stay overnight though. Definitely not by myself. I’ve heard about Lizzie Borden but didn’t know the real story. Thanks for a fascinating and scary read!


  4. Creepy! I didn’t know the house was a bed and breakfast and although I’ve heard much about Lizzie Borden, I didn’t know she was acquitted. As for staying there – I think I’ll pass on that one. Guess I’m a wimp!


  5. I agree with my writing mates — I will pass on staying at that B&B. For our wedding night, my husband and I stayed at a local B&B that was said to have been haunted; we didn’t notice though, and obviously, we survived! Interesting post, Barbara! I’m looking forward to reading your books!


  6. Interesting story, Barbara. Nope- a visit isn’t for me! I love mysteries but I’m less keen on ones where people get chopped up- wimp that I am. 😉


  7. I could the place. Maybe stay the night. I wouldn’t expect to encounter any spirits, but I might be hyper-aware of the minutia of sounds in century old building none-the-less, which could make for a less than relaxing night.


  8. I’m with Sarah… I’d love to visit the place, but not sure I’d spend the night. As I’ve gotten older, I’m not as doubtful about ghosties and spirits as I was in my younger days. My dad’s aunts and sister saw spirits in the house owned by my Great-Grandpa Iuppenlatz in Sharon Center, Ohio. When college age, I stayed there one night, and thankfully didn’t see one.


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