A Supernatural Dream Come True

CindyCarrollEThe TV show Supernatural debuted on my birthday in 2005. I’d seen the commercials for it and thought it looked like something I would love. It appeared to be a show that would be like a mini horror movie every week. I love horror movies. And the two stars weren’t hard to look at either. I watched that first episode and fell in love with the series. I’ve been watching ever since, all eleven seasons. And season twelve has just started.

I’m a Dean girl. Both brothers are great but there’s just something about Dean that appeals to me. He’s funny, cocky and extremely sexy. He’s such a great character. The show works because of the relationship between the brothers. Family is everything for them and they just have each other.

sn16-300x250I didn’t realize until relatively recently that there were Supernatural conventions. I joined a bunch of SPN groups on Facebook and people were posting pictures of themselves with the stars of the show. I loved seeing the pictures and envied the people who got them. I quickly found out they were taken at conventions. Fans purchased photo ops. Years ago I wrote a piece on my own blog about me not agreeing with paying for pictures with stars. All the pictures I’d taken of celebrities had been free. Some of the stars that appear at conventions make quite a lot of money from the photo ops and autographs. Unless I sell a screenplay and Jensen Ackles (Dean Winchester on the show) ends up starring in it, AND I get to be on set, there was no way I was going to meet him. Unless I went to a convention and got a photo op.

supernaturaltvguideSo…I bought a ticket to the Toronto Supernatural Convention! I bought photo ops and everything. I figure it will be my one and only chance to meet the cast so I went all out. The package I bought includes autographs. I’m trying to figure out what I should bring for them to autograph. I have a few options. A TV Guide from October 2005 with the stars on the cover. A Supernatural bag my husband got me for my birthday last year. One of the scripts I wrote for the show that were just for me. Or something else.

What about you? Would you go to a convention for your favourite show? What would you bring to have autographed?

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9 thoughts on “A Supernatural Dream Come True

  1. The convention sounds like a blast and I hope you get all the pics and autographs you can. I’m not really familiar with the show although I have heard about it. It’s probably the type of show I would like because I like horror shows and scary movies. Great post!


  2. I know I would enjoy attending an #NCIS convention — I never thought to look and see if there is such a thing. Yes, I’d buy the photo opps, too (qualifier: depending on the price). I’ve known about the Star Trek conventions but never gone (liked the show but not so much to dress up like an alien and spend money to attend). If something took place in Denver, in particular, #NCIS, I’d likely try to go. UMMM — maybe I’d better look into that! ENJOY YOURSELF, CINDY!! 🙂 (cool idea about the script, by the way — when I was much younger, I dabbled in TV show script writing; wish I’d kept those — I guess today they’d call it Fan Fiction)


  3. Sounds like you will have a “fan”tastic time. Have fun and maybe have them each autograph a different item? Or just something you can frame or put in a shadow box. Let us know how it goes.


  4. Enjoy and say hello for me. I’ve been a fan since the beginning also. Wonderful writing, great performances and yes, they are easy on the eye.

    I might go to a convention, but…having said that, always be prepared for the chance to shine, I’d take anything that meant a lot to me, and be covered if anyone asked for something I did, be it a book, screenplay,etc. Have fun! Doris


  5. Sounds like a fun time! Glad you’re going all out for it. I think of writer conferences as my chance to fangirl over authors I love and admire. I don’t watch much TV except for Top Chef and Project Runway. But I’d definitely be up for a celebrity chef convention!


  6. I haven’t heard of or watched your ‘Supernatural’ show but I should think after watching 12 series you’ll absolutely love the convention. You might need to set you phone timer or some such prompt to remind you of the photo ops because you might be so engrossed that you forget time flying! Enjoy!


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