Through The Eyes of Someone with Respect and Love by Darrah J. Perez

fb_img_1477921552198 When I hear about journalism, I think about why I choose to be involved in the stories from my area. I am from the Wind River Indian Reservation, and back on February 15th 2013, a New York Journalist by the name of Robert Johnson wrote an article published in The Business Insider called, Here’s What Life Is Like On the Notorious Wind River Indian Reservation. This article struck home for me, because it was written with little fact and so much lies. I totally disagreed with his label of where I lived. I remember reading it to my grandmother; a full-blooded Arapaho who is no longer here. I can still hear her voice saying in a sad gesture, “Why would this reporter say these things about us?” I replied, “I don’t know grandma.” I saw the tears in her eyes and I could feel the tears in my own. With so much love, I just wanted to wipe it all away and make it better.

Click link to read: Here’s What Life Is Like On The Notorious Wind River Reservation.

Ever since reading this article, I knew I had a calling. I knew I had to tell the stories from the people themselves. I’ve lived in areas outside the reservation, outside of Wyoming, where things are 10x as bad. I had to show the world that the Native people of the Wind River Indian Reservation are so much cultured, full of pride and love. I was upset that a total stranger could come onto our reservation and place judgement upon us. I learned later on that he is not the only one. My passion, heart, and pride come from this very article.

I applied to be a Community Maven with County 10 news, focusing on the positive stories from the Wind River Indian Reservation. By doing this, many have grown grateful from both the reservation, on and off. They are glad I tell the stories through the eyes of someone with respect and love. To them I am a true journalist. To them, they are the reason I keep writing. My stories are for them.

I write because it has purpose, it has meaning. Everything happens for a reason. I sit back and vision on what I want to do next. If it involves my passion for film, it would be my greatest wish.

Am I still angry about this story written by Robert Johnson?

The answer is no!

Without this story, none of my children (my articles) would be alive and breathing today. So in closing, thank you Robert Johnson! My passion would not be as strong as it is today if it wasn’t for this very article.

Since this journey began, a doorway has opened where I have been offered the opportunity to also write for Wyoming Public Radio. Just like any job, it too is a learning lesson.

To all women in the media, if the drive is there, if the passion is strong, and you can feel the purpose, then for sure create your babies with the best of what you know. With it will come adventures, wisdom, and a heart of gold. It’s like a knock upon a door and inside waits many wishes to be granted. Anything is possible, anything can happen.

My County10 News stories can be found here:

I have three short story/poetry books which can be found at Barnes and and My trilogy is called Life Happens the Way Life Happens, with my first book called It Never Happened, my second book called, It Always Happens, and my final book called, It’s Forever Happening. You may also find me at Facebook, feel free to add me @ Darrah J. Perez.

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I am grateful to be a woman in Wyoming Media.




20 thoughts on “Through The Eyes of Someone with Respect and Love by Darrah J. Perez

  1. One can rarely learn what there is to know by spending a week driving through an area. Glad you found your passion even though it started out with pain. But I’m sure it burns brighter because of it. And how great that your friends and family now have a voice through you! Great post!

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  2. I really enjoyed this post Darrah. To take something you know is untrue and allow it to make you stronger and tell the story through the people who live on the Wind River Reservation shows your strength and courage, even though I know you didn’t do it for personal gain. It shows your strength of spirit that you were able to forgive the writer who started your journey and instead, choose to tell the truth. Thank you for sharing!

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  3. Enjoyed reading this, Darrah. You can barely get to know a place and the people there in a week’s time. I wonder if the only person he spoke to was the ‘schoolteacher’ giving him a quick tour. Your reporting is doing what he failed to do.

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  4. Beautiful, inspiring post, my friend! I am SO PROUD of you for taking a wrong and working to make more rights, greater insight, and wonderful encouragement. You are walking your true path, your great calling, and I pray more and more opportunities to enlighten, educate, encourage, and inspire come your way!

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  5. Life and passion of that life is what make it worth living. Everything has a purpose, we just must find it. Here’s to a continuation of a wonderful journey. Doris

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  6. Darrah-There are a great deal of untruths out there that purport to be the ‘true situation’ but clearly are not. As you point out, it’s very good to have other perspectives where another viewpoint is equally valid and often very much more valid. Your work with the County 10 news sounds very interesting.

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  7. Way to take something offensive and turning into something positive (and life changing.) That is remarkable and I wish more of us could be like you. BTW, have you contacted Mr. Johnson? It might be good for him to know what he did.

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