The Power of One

imgp6507 By S. J. Brown

Can one person truly make a difference, ABSOLUTELY.  Think about this one person came up with the idea of bottling water.  Last year alone Americans used approximately 50 billion bottles of water.   Unfortunately only 23 percent of those bottles are recycled.

Have you ever heard of Rosa Parks? When she refused to give up her bus seat to a white man the civil rights movement exploded and continues today.

The millions of starlings found throughout the United States are descendants from 100 birds that one man imported and released into Central park, in New York City.


Thanks to the efforts of one man volunteers like me have planted hundreds, if not thousands of trees along WV waterways. These trees reduce run off, and erosion improving water quality for everyone.  They provide homes and shade for wildlife, are esthetically pleasing and will stand tall for decades.


As a wildlife photographer, nature lover, tree hugger, wildlife advocate I know the power of one. One single location can make the difference between survival and teetering on the edge of extinction for migrating wildlife.


One source of clean water can quench the thirst of multitudes of people and critters.


One Image can make you laugh.


One click of my shutter button can make for a successful photo trip.


I strive to make this a better world one person at a time by sharing my images, experiences, and knowledge. How do you use the power of one?

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S. J. Brown

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18 thoughts on “The Power of One

  1. I used the power of one to care for my late husband for six years after he suffered two strokes that left him partially paralyzed. Of course we had some help from others, but for the most part, it was just me and him.


  2. It is always about one. Each person has the power to change life, and not just their own. A wonderful post, and as always I love your photos. Doris


    1. Yes One person joining forces with one other person who joins forces with one other person can change so much. I try to make sure I have at least 4 photos for each blog , I like to share them.


  3. The Power of One? Off the top of my head and remembering history classes in school, a name pops into my mind: Johnny Appleseed. Also, I’ve read that through the sole mental toughness of George Washington, he kept the Continental Army from dissolving during the darkest days of the Revolutionary War. How about Franklin Roosevelt with his fireside chats on the radio during the Great Depression. Did those chats help the nation from falling into chaotic despair?


  4. Wonderfully inspiring post, Sue! I think sometimes we begin to feel “what difference does it make what I do or don’t do?” You write very eloquently that yes, we can make a difference. I have new goal/project in mind for 2017, helping a few of my pet-loving friends embark upon a mission to save more shelter pets, and it’s all because of one man who started the movement; now it’s gaining momentum and I plan to climb aboard his “save shelter pets” train and hopefully bring more with me. It starts with one vision, one idea, and can grow to bring others of like-mindedness into the fold and truly make an even greater difference. Thanks for all you do for nature!


    1. While I was writing this post I thought about you and the difference you have made in so many animals lives. You help spread the word about pets, I spread the word about wild critters. We are each making a difference one critter at a time.


  5. Yes, I agree that in some cases that one person can make a huge difference. Lovely post SJ. I don’t know that about starlings yet similarly that;s how we have epidemics where some species overtakes what was there before or creates an imbalance because it thrives much better that indigenous species. The grey and red squirrel takeover comes to mind in Scotland though how that happened I’d have to research to know.


    1. When I was researching this blog I was surprised by the info on the Starlings. I suspect the Grey and Red Squirrels that have invaded Scotland were brought by someone who thought they would make a good pet, then later discovered it wasn’t such a good idea and released them.


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