Ready? December means Christmas series of short stories

Blog post written by Mike Staton.

Apron on, I’m cooking up some Christmas goodies.

Not the sugary, editable kind. Well, they might be edible, if you believe good stories are nutrition for the brain.

What am I gabbing about? Easy answer. My 2016 Christmas series of short stories.

Since 2014 I’ve been writing short stories with Christmastime themes. In December, one runs each day through December 26. Some are sweet, some are poignant; all make us remember our own past Christmases.

I draw inspiration from old Christmas cards and other holiday images. I try to select a cross-section of them from different eras – Victorian, World I or II periods, the 1950s and 1960s, and more modern times. As I look at a card or stand-alone painting, I mentally outline a story to go with it – just the barebones. Then I write it.

Here’s the painting that became my inspiration for my first Christmas short story. A snowman plays a big role.

The artwork and stories will appear on my Facebook author’s page. I’ve gained a small fan base over the last two years. Relatives and friends help me out by sharing the stories, thereby increasing their reach. Even strangers have shared some of them.

I’ve written the first five already, and hope to have all 26 ready to post by December 1 when I unveil the first one. A painting of a snowy Victorian village in the late evening is the inspiration for my December 1 story. When I looked closely at the scene, I noticed a snowman in front of the house. The making of a snowman on the downtown square of an Ohio town became the theme for that initial tale. It concerns two ornery teen boys – and a girl who won’t take any mischievous joshing from them.

My Dec. 2 short story has to do with a wild sled ride down the hillside of a steep gully. Not for the weak-kneed.

One day in early November I looked at hundreds of Christmas/winter images and selected 40 as possible candidates for stories. Ultimately, I could use only twenty-six. For the December 2 story, I decided on an image that showed a Santa sledding down a hill with two kids. The tale I ended up writing featured a wild sled ride down a snowy hillside into a gully behind ‘Santa’s’ house.

Want to hear about more about the stories that will be appearing on my Facebook author’s page come December? Sorry. You’ll have to go to my author’s page and read them – unless I decide to post one of them on the blog Writing Wranglers & Warriors in December.

# # #

I’m known for more than Christmas short stories. I’ve also authored a fantasy genre trilogy that features dragons, guttersnipe thieves, sorcerers, and confused princes. I’m currently writing a Civil War romance novel titled ‘Blessed Shadows Dark & Deep.’ The trilogy can be purchased on the websites of Amazon and Barnes & Noble.


16 thoughts on “Ready? December means Christmas series of short stories

  1. Sounds intriguiging. And I love what you use for inspiration. I was sitting in a Chinese restaurant interviewing someone for a magazine article yesterday and decided I’d have to come back to observe the customers and write (make up) stories about them some other day as there were so many interesting and varied types of individuals who came in. Perhaps close to Christmas would be a good time to do that. What great exercise for the brain you have planned for December! Good for you. Will look forward to reading them.

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  2. I admire you, Mike — a story a day and going into your 3rd year; you’re an inspiration! I can crank out articles in quick time but not complete stories. I’m having a heck of a time with NaNo again this year!! I look forward to reading your Yuletide musings — and I love how you’re inspired by Christmas cards! Best to you as you create your compositions and share them with others!

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    1. The last couple are taking longer to write. More than 2,500 words each. I may still be writing them in early December when I am posting the first few. Working on one now about a working class boy and an upper class lass trying to do some courting before World War I.


    1. Thank you, Cherley. I’m working on Dec. 10 story right now. Closing in on 2,000 , and it could reach 2,500 or a bit more. It’s built around a painting of a couple around the year 1915 walking through snow. In my story, they’re walking to the Palace Theatre in downtown Cleveland to see the ‘Nutcracker Suite.’


  3. I admire your dedication to writing them for the past few years. Especially because you have to write them in advance (and put your current WIP on hold). I can’t even think about Christmas until Thanksgiving is over.


  4. I always look forward to reading your Christmas Stories. I am usually a little behind,but they always help put me in the holiday mood.


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