A CHRISTMAS CAROL by Charles Dickens post by Barbara Schlichting


I used to read from this book to my children when they were young. I loved it. The Victorian writing made me think of days of yore. It also made me want to visit his home in London, England. Camden.


I went visit a penpal, whom I’d been writing since we both were in our early teens. Fast forward twenty years. The quaint, little house was all one could imagine. His desk is on display, and the house is as it was in his time.


However, Mr. Dickens brought to the attention of the government, the treatment of the poor and meek. His father had been imprisoned and Charles had little growing up. He exposed child labor, orphanages, and prison conditions through his writing. He also was one of the greatest influences in rejuvenating the spirit of Christmas.


Dickens began writing the famous novel in September 1843 with 6,000 sold by Christmas upon completion. Since then, there’s been many, many versions of the famous novel made into movies, plays and various written adaptations.



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12 thoughts on “A CHRISTMAS CAROL by Charles Dickens post by Barbara Schlichting

  1. Dickens has fascinated me as well, although I’ve not made the pilgrimage to England. I did feature a Victorian era tale during last year’s Christmas short-story marathon on my FB author’s page.


  2. Hello, Babs- Dickens is a favourite author of mine and you’re right that he beings the essence of Victorian life to light- slums and high class housing, poor people and rich and all of the in betweens as well. Of course, he was also a product of his time so we must beware of taking all he says totally for granted but it’s a major feat that his stories continue to live on- warts and all.


  3. Thanks for sharing, I have always found it interesting that Dickens was able to bring attention to the less fortunate and still give the reader a happy ending. My message from this story is that things can always turn around.


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