A Writer’s Christmas Block

dscn3862by Neva Bodin

With all the tasks to do, writing projects, presents to buy, cards to design and send, foods to make, etc., I wrote this poem as an indicator of what happens to my writer’s mind occasionally, this time of year!


I must write

But Christmas is near

My mind’s a blank

What rhymes with cheer?


I need a word

But Christmas is coming

My mind is numb

What’s that I’m humming?


My wit is dimmed

But Christmas is looming

No words in my story

Why aren’t I fuming?


I see the pine tree

For Christmas is imminent

It sparkles and shines

Can I reach that peppermint?


No story in mind

And Christmas is pending

The fudge is just waiting

Writer’s block never ending?


I feel the joy

Now Christmas is close

Though I can’t write

Should I feel morose?


The story that matters

That Christmas is awesome

That story is written

Should my mind just pause some?


My story will wait

Let Christmas bring peace

My mind can just rest

Can we start the feast?

May you all have a blessed and Merry Christmas with lots of fun, food, and frolic…and presents.merry-christmas

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20 Responses to A Writer’s Christmas Block

  1. Neva, I have the same problem, but you may have inspired a solution.


  2. Neva Bodin says:

    Good to hear! Hope you have a wonderful Christmas Abbie.


  3. Fun muse, Neva! On Monday I concocted a short story to submit to Chicken Soup that I’ll bring to our group meeting this week. I keep getting stalled on certain projects but sail through others — isn’t it interesting to know what moves and motivates us as writers and what other things make us “stuck?” Blessings to your Christmas for you and your family!


    • Neva Bodin says:

      Your story for Chicken Soup was great and just what they are looking for. I’m betting it will be published.
      Thanks for the comment and see you the 17th at Wind City and Bishop Home.


  4. Wranglers says:

    This is great, I love it and I feel the same way.


  5. Doris says:

    Thank you for the great words as I work to the novel’s deadline. May you and yours have a wonderful Christmas and rest of the year. Doris


    • Neva Bodin says:

      Likewise! Like my wish for a story, sometimes we try too hard this time of year to be merry. Have to remember to just relax, enjoy the reason/season and the feast! Thanks for the comment.


  6. Mike Staton says:

    Cute. Couldn’t stay humbug for long. Had to chuckle. In writing the 26 short stories with a Christmas theme, I found it easier to draw out the stories by studying the photos and paintings that accompany them. But I admit… by the last few I was dragging. I figure I wrote about 30,000 words total.


    • Neva Bodin says:

      You definitely have an agile mind and I can’t imagine you ever getting writer’s bloc! Which some author, I forget who, says doesn’t exist anyway. I get distracted I think. You are really creative. Thanks for the comment.


  7. Neva,
    Your poem reminded me what I was like a child. Starting in mid-December all I was focused on was Christmas.
    Thanks for the reminder.
    – Stephen


  8. Really enjoyed the post, Neva. Your poem was great! Thanks for sharing with us – Christmas should be a time for giving and celebration of Jesus’ birth. Other things can wait.


  9. I feel exactly like this right now! I have a 12/31 deadline for a short story and I can’t seem to get motivated. So easy to become distracted this time of year. Happy holidays, Neva!


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  12. Nancy Jardine says:

    I’d love to blame pre- Christmas planning for my lack of writing progress but that would be plain wrong. It will happen …but SLOWLY. Once I clear my mind and find continuous time for it. Early Merry Christmas wishes to you as the days draw closer.


  13. S. J. Brown says:

    I loved this. No I haven’t written much since Thanksgiving but I am confident the words will flow when the holidays are over. Thanks for sharing.


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