I Know The Secret To Success by Darrah J. Perez

Success can be created by maintaining balance in every area of life. It doesn’t take making deals with the devil to achieve them. Some people play risky. But I’m not going to discredit the strength of a person. For I too once beat the evil one and continue to do so on a regular basis.

What does fire and ice mean to a person? What does it mean to you? To me, fire and ice is the balance to keep things moving forward. It is the yin and the yang. The good and the evil. It is the heaven and the hell. Fire and ice has the capacity to keep a civilization going.

To understand it, is to open the mind to all possibilities. To think what if and redefine what is reality.

There are many mysteries in the world. Mysteries that keep people going, digging for more answers. I was once told, “If you dig, you shall find.” The human mind is tricky, power is what it wants. Digging for more truth, more knowledge gives a person power. Because knowledge is power. Right?


The power to keep the third eye open is more difficult in this day and age than it was centuries ago. The food has changed. Most of it is processed. Avoid processed foods. Bad addiction has swept over the nation. Sugar, salt, alcohol, tobacco, drugs, food, it is taking so many lives.

Observant ones sit there and watch it unfold right before their very eyes. The fire is melting the ice and drying it out. Hell, is winning. People say it is awesome to be alive in this day and age. But the reason I say only the strong will survive is because we today are the strongest of the souls to live on. We have reincarnated many times to be able to be here today. We survived the past and made righteous choices. Or I know I have.

Life has just gotten harder over time. Today there is more lust, deception, sin, and morbid shit and the crazy part is it expands through technology. I never understood why I was continually told, “you can’t save everyone.” Now I know, there will be so many lost. That it would be impossible to save them all if any.

I don’t talk about this; my husband says it drives him crazy. Sometimes I feel I’m the crazy one. Maybe that’s why I don’t talk about it. But I know my purpose here on earth in this body has a deeper meaning than most. I just haven’t completely figured out that part yet. I patiently wait because isn’t that what everyone keeps telling me, “be patient.” Patience is a work in progress. Creator will guide me. I am sure of it.

Patience is the secret to success.



Darrah Perez is a mystic writer who speaks about the deep knowledge of life. Paid attention to life’s how and whys keep her deeply rooted in digging for more knowledge. “The answers shall come. Patience is the key,” she says.

With three books completed and found on Amazon. It Never Happened. It Always Happens. It’s Forever Happening. More mystic knowledge can be found inside those as well.

Darrah may also be found on Facebook https://www.facebook.com/poeticauthor.4.life/


8 thoughts on “I Know The Secret To Success by Darrah J. Perez

  1. Balance is definitely important. And knowledge is power, although I’m not sure everyone recognizes that is the power everyone should want. We just need to be careful where and how we seek our knowledge I think. Interesting thoughts.

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  2. You always bring intriguing thoughts for us to ponder, Darrah. I respect the journey you have been, and are still, on. May light continue to illuminate your path and bring others along a healing and spiritual journey to the Creator.

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  3. With the death of Carrie Fisher, five years younger than me, it’s a reminder that my life can change drastically at any moment. There’s no guarantee I’ll be around a week from now, let alone have enough time to finish by Civil War novel. But I keep living because I love life and love sharing its blessings and sorrows with my loved ones and friends. I always enjoy reading your deep, thoughtful words, Darrah. And I do view your video poetry.

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  4. Wonderful words of wisdom, Darrah. Our journeys are all different, but in some respects, the same. I like the way you compare Fire and Ice to the balance of one’s life. We can be thrown off-kilter easily, but if we are honest and seeking the truth, that balance will be returned to us. Thank you for the post!

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  5. The world in balance sounds very positive, Darrah. We maybe don’t know all the mysteries but as you indicate, we can make some better choices for ourselves.


  6. That certainly is a lot to think about. I hope the creator guides you through your journey on a clearer path in the future.


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