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What is it about the New Year that has us all making plans for what we will accomplish in the months to come? Is it the idea of starting over? Probably. I would submit that we should treat each day as a start over. A re-creation if you will.

We all need recreation. But do we take the time to realize what recreation is? It is re-creating. I suggest we think about how we re-create our lives when we take that time off.


For me recreation is reading or writing. Sometimes it’s research or speaking. Each time I sit down at the keyboard, or get in front of an audience I am not only enjoying myself, but I’m re-creating myself. I’m adding to what I am.

A friend suggested if I write my memoir, I should title it, “No One Told Her She Couldn’t”. She’s heard me say it many times, and you know what, she’s right. I’ve done so many things in my life because I figured , why not?

Recently I’ve self-published a novel. It was not in my plans, for I love my publisher. I did it because I had the chance to write a series along with ten other authors about a family. It was a challenge I didn’t want to pass up. We all have our stories up for pre-sale at $.99 until our release date, then it goes to $2.99.


So, as you can see, each day, each time I breathe, I re-create myself. It gives me joy and let’s face it, it is lots of fun. In my lifetime I’ve had the chance to experience so much because I was open to the recreation.

Think about what you do for fun, your re-creation. Don’t just make goals, resolutions, etc., use everyday to re-create your life and have fun while doing it. Who knows where you will be on December 31, 2017, but what fun you’ll have getting there.

For those interested in the novel/series, check out Amazon’s “Grandma’s Wedding Quilts”.  My particular story is “Josie’s Dream”.  

Have a wonderful 2017, filled with fun, love, laughter and recreation.

Angela Raines is the pen name for Doris McCraw. Doris also writes haiku posted at –  Check out her other work and like her Amazon author page:



15 thoughts on “Re-Creation

  1. Hey, Doris, I like the concept of recreating ourselves on a daily basis. Always trying new things. In a way, the Civil War novel is recreating myself as a writer, in that before I always limited myself to the fantasy/SF genre.


    1. Thank you Mike. I am glad you are making the transition on this Civil War novel. I know you will do it great justice. Here’s to a productive 2017 and beyond. Doris


  2. Very inspiring post. Had not thought about the word and it’s meaning like that. I like it. And also the goal to recreate ourselves daily. I am always thinking that way but seldom follow through completely. Also, I too enjoy speaking, presenting, teaching others. But had not thought of it as recreating! Thanks for the insight!


    1. I’m glad it resonated with you Neva, it is something I’ve thought a lot about. Life should be enjoyed and when we do things that allow us to contribute while allowing us joy and growth, it is a good thing. Here’s to a life of recreation. Doris

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  3. Doris, I love this post. Your way of thinking about making resolutions is creative and doable. I really like the idea of making each day one of taking the day in stock and thinking creatively to make that day count. The idea makes me think many of us should have thought of it earlier. By making those resolutions daily it opens us up to new possibilities. Instead of having yearly list of things to accomplish (which is hard to do because who knows how or what you’ll feel in a year)? By breaking that down into little chunks of time there’s much more certainty that at least some of those resolutions will be ongoing while others will be either dropped by the wayside as you realize it’s not something you really want or can do, while some of your daily resolutions will not only change your way of thinking, but are achievable. Thank you for this post.


    1. Linda,
      A number of years ago I read something to the effect that we needed to enjoy our recreation for it gave us the ability to get needed rest to allow us to heal. Over the years that concept evolved into what I wrote in this post. Giving ourselves a break, taking each day, allowing ourselves to have joy, we get futher much quicker.

      May you have many days of re-creation in 2017 and beyond. I always think of the tortoise and the hare…but I want to have fun while I run the race…*Grin* Doris


  4. Great post, Doris! You are certainly an inspiration to many of us — I know you inspire me! Congratulations on the new book — I’ve ordered it! 🙂 May this new year bring you many new opportunities, great joy, and adventure!


    1. Gayle, I’m blushing. Thank you for the kind words. I guess I don’t think about what I do as being inspiring, I’m just having fun with my recreation.

      Also, thank you from the bottom of my heart for supporting me and purchasing the book. I do hope you enjoy it.

      I wish you the same in 2017 and beyond, my friend while we think of warmer climates,*Grin* Doris


  5. Great start to the year thoughts, Doris. You’ve been very busy, congratulations! I’ve never pre-ordered something that it also on Kindle Unlimited for ‘zero’ to read it, so I’m interested to see what will happen on launch day!


    1. Nancy, that makes two of us. I will let you know.

      Thank you for the kind words about the post. Seems I just like being busy/creative. It brings me joy. Hope your year goes beautifully. Doris


  6. On my recreation list, I plan to read your newest novel. Sounds wonderful. I didn’t realize you played the keyboard, you are multi-talented. Thanks for the encouragement. Cher’ley


    1. You are more than welcome. And thank you for all the support all these years. I do hope you enjoy the book.

      A friend said my memoir should be “No One Told Her She Couldn’t” . It may be true. Have a great 2017 Doris

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