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What is success?


Many times we have achieved success, but because we are looking at societies view of what is successful, we miss the joy of what we have. This thought came up again this week on the anniversary of my mother’s death.

Was my mother successful? Perhaps not by societies standards, but in so many ways she was gifted. She had a loving family that extended out to non-blood relations. She had the ability to make everyone feel like they were important, but didn’t suffer fools gladly. She succeeded in creating a life from challenging situations. From years of foster homes she learned how to support and love people. Perhaps she knew how successful she was somewhere deep inside, but she was always surprised at how people viewed her. How much they appreciated her.

Success is sleeping with a clear mind and heart

When we reach for success, when we want to go for the gold, a clear picture of what that really looks like is necessary. But, sometimes just living a life of joy, love and helpfulness can be more rewarding than the gold medal. Taking the time to see what society has deemed success and what our hearts tell us is the reality can bring peace of mind.

We all are really much more successful than we realize. Taking stock of just that fact can bring a peace that allows us to follow the dreams we still have. We are never to young or too old to be happy, to express ourselves sincerely and share the success of being alive and loved.

Happy Valentine’s Day – photo (c) Doris McCraw

While I have waxed philosophical, the truth is we need to let others know they are special, that their just being alive and in our lives is a success of the first order. So to all of you, you are an inspiration and a success in my eyes. Happy Valentine’s Day and love to all who read this. As Bacharach said “what the world needs now, is love sweet love”

Doris McCraw, pen name-Angela Raines, is an author, speaker, historian who specializes in Colorado and Women’s History.

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18 thoughts on “SUCCESS

  1. Success is so dependent on what the criteria is for a particular individual or situation, Doris. Today, the 13th Feb, I feel very successful because it’s my younger daughter’s birthday and she was born on a Friday 13th! Along with her older sister, I consider both of them my most successful moments ever.


    1. So very true Nancy, so very true. I can only imagine the pride and joy of having children. Congratulations and that is true success. I wish you daughter happy birthday. Doris


  2. Wonderful inspiring words. Sometimes the most successful people don’t consider their success they just do what comes naturally to them. Thanks for sharing.


  3. Some might think I’m not successful because I’m not a New York Times #1 bestselling author, but I disagree. I’m successful because I get my work out there, and if I only sell one book, that’s okay. Happy Valentine’s Day to you, too, Doris.


  4. I think your black cat picture and caption says it all. I would guess many of us too often measure our success by what we think others term successful. A great post. Thank you. You are a success in my book too.


  5. I’ve never chased after success in the classic sense. I must admit that I did get a kick out of seeing my byline in the newspaper back in my working career as a reporter. Once, in the 1970s, I was crossing a parking lot near the newspaper when one man remarked to another, “Hey, isn’t he the buy that writes that column for the Eagle-Gazette?” Again, I got a kick out of someone recognizing me from my photo that accompanied my column: Staton The Situation. That’s a long, long time ago. People could care less what I did back in Stone Age Times.


    1. But we care Mike. It is nice to be recognized for our work. How fun for you. Keep on with the things that bring you joy, for the results are fun for us. Doris


  6. It’s so true success is measured in different ways with different people. I find that appreciating the little things…friends flying out for my book launch party, my dad saying he’s proud of me…is a true measure of success for me. If I feel special and loved, then I have achieved success. Excellent post, Doris.


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