Success Comes in How We Treat People by Darrah J. Perez


So, I just had this awesome theory about the way people, how they become successful and how they get these signs and these messages to become better people and try to lead other people to live better lives and make better choices and better decisions. So, what if in our journeys the people who we are good to, the people who are also on that journey of art and trying to figure out the meaning of life. What if we are good to them we help them and when they pass on they come back and help us to achieve our dreams and to be successful. It’s important to treat people good. That is the whole point along our path. The people that you meet. Some people can come into our life for a day or maybe even just a moment. Just to meet them and the things you get from them. The lesson we are supposed to learn from them. I never understood meeting people quickly and learning nothing from them. What if passing by means it’s about first appearance. What do they say, ‘first impressions are the biggest’ that is when you’re supposed to present yourself in your humblest form so the humbler you are, and the way you are they are like angels send down to test to see how you really are? What type of person you are, how you respond, how you react, how you treat people? And that is how you get success in life, not this other stuff these other people are talking about. They don’t completely understand the meaning to life they don’t completely understand the why and jest of things. This is the why and just of it is because it’s the spirits that keep us going, keep us being productive, the way you treat people, so on and so forth. get it?



I had a goal at the beginning of this year. My goal was to make sure everyone knew who I was. I am Darrah J. Perez from the Wind River Indian Reservation. I am an author of three books & a poet of many short films.

Most of my work can be found here on my YouTube channel Darrah J. Perez YouTube Channel

My books are called, It Never Happened, It Always Happens, It’s Forever Happening. You may purchase them by clicking the link: Purchase Darrah J. Perez Books




14 thoughts on “Success Comes in How We Treat People by Darrah J. Perez

  1. Like your artwork — the clouds look like a man gazing down at the ground, perhaps deciding how he can help someone who helped him in his ‘living’ days. I recall looking up at the sky and sometimes seeing an unusual cloud formation that looked like a familiar object or person. I’d think that the angles of geometry meant that no one else on Earth looking upward at the exact same moment I did was seeing what I saw.

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  2. “Do unto others as you’d have them do unto you…” — a good rule to live by, but not always easy. But, life in general is not easy and people are people — a flawed species — I often struggle with treating all people in a positive way because of their attitudes and especially behaviors.. Intriguing and contemplative post, Darrah.

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  3. I’ve always felt that you can say more with your actions than your words. Of course the Golden Rule is one of the best, no matter what philosophy group it comes from. Good thought and continued success on your journey. Doris

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  4. I was raised to follow the example in the Bible, to treat others as you would want others to treat you. My Mom always said, what goes around comes around, and I believe that. We should always respect and love each other. Cher’ley

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  5. The author payback system is in place, Darrah, and there are many people out there who helps others, not because they think it’s what they should do, but because it’s a great idea to help our fellows. I don’t see it in such a spiritual way as you do but just because it’s the kind thing to do.

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  6. Being human, I believe we need to always remind ourselves that everyone is flawed and may disappoint us, but most are doing their best in the way they know how to survive their job, relationships, etc. Sometimes kindness, encouragement, or just understanding can help them make changes that might be needed. Or just help them survive what they have to deal with. And you’re right, how we treat others definitely says a lot about us or where we are in our journey too. Being human, I don’t always remember!

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  7. Just think of how wonderful the world would be if everyone treated others with respect and kindness. Often it just takes an extra few minutes to lighten someones load or brighten their day. Thanks for sharing.

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