Getting Educated on Marketing

IMGP6507By S. J. Brown

As a writer there are two things I truly suck at, punctuation and marketing.  One of my New Year’s resolutions was to work on both.  So when an on line course I had been eyeing was offered for free for one week only I signed up.


This was my first experience with an on line class and how they work.  I knew each day of the Book Marketing Summit I would receive an email with links to the days segments.  On day one I learned there would be 4 or 5 segments each day.  Each link was accessible for 48 hours and then it disappeared.


The segments consisted of interviews with a knowledgeable professional about a specific aspect of marketing; most of them were an hour long.  That’s four or five hours a day, add in my part time job, laundry, meals, etc, etc.  I would not be spending any time with critters that week.


At the end of the seven days I had worked 26 hours and traveled close to 400 miles to do it.  I had completed all 28 segments and had 40 pages of notes. 

I have now sorted my notes into categories and have a game plan.  The first order of business for me is to start building my list.  What list you ask, why my e mail list of course.  This list will consist of people who want to follow the progress of my publishing journey with my new book. 

On a bi-weekly, or possibly monthly basis I will e mail each of them an update on my progress, and offer a free look behind the scenes every now and then to keep them engaged.  Once the book is released they will get an e mail with a bonus if they purchase the book.   .  If this sounds like a journey you would like to take with me just E mail me   Feel free to share this blog with others that may also be interested.


The timing on this marketing summit couldn’t have been better. I am in the final stages of finishing a book my sister and I wrote together.  The working title of the book is simply “Sisters”.  It is a memoir that takes the reader through 12 years of our lives as we become adults.


As I build my list I will also be putting together my launch team. What is a launch team?  It’s a group of people that are super interested in this process.  The launch team is my sounding board for decisions on things like the book description, the cover,  keywords, what freebees to offer (launch team members get all the freebies)   categories and more. The launch team members will have first access to the book and I am hoping most will write reviews. 


There is still a lot to do before we go to print, but I have learned a lot about on line marketing and I am hoping my new found education will serve me well in the future.  What are your marketing secrets? How will you apply them to your next project? 

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17 thoughts on “Getting Educated on Marketing

  1. I email family and friends when a book is published and notify them of upcoming promotional events. I like the idea of emailing people byweekly to let them know of progress of a book. Do you use an email marketing service for this or just your email program’s group feature?

    I also like the idea of a launch team. Does that consist of other writers? Do you pay them? Maybe I can incorporate these ideas with my next book.


    1. I have a list of 75 people that I e mail about promotions and progress. I have checked into e mail marketing services but haven’t signed up for any yet. The launch team is made up of friends and fellow writers. No I don’t pay them, but they do a free copy of the book in hopes that they will write a review.

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  2. Thank you for sharing your journey into the ‘wilds’ of marketing. It can be a journey, and I do wish you all the best. I’ll folllow up later, when things slow down here. Doris


  3. Sue, add me to your email I need to get busy marketing too, and I need to developers my tram. In getting ready to finish a couple of books, and revamp a couple. Any marketing ideas you have to share with us is great. Maybe share a few more on our WW&W Facebook page. We all need to support each other. Love you, and good Luck. Cher’ley


    1. I added you to my list. I have a promo coming up on Monday and will be sending out details this weekend. I am exploring a few more ideas I learned I will share when I see how they work out.

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  4. Hope your marketing efforts produce lots of sales of your book. Some of the ideas you snagged during your course sound intriguing. Just as Cherley wrote, I hope you use this blog to keep us informed on how your efforts are working out.


  5. Great post, Sue! I signed up for that Summit a few years ago. My trouble is, I sign up for things like that then I get too busy to follow-through. I wish I had a whole month just to read books on marketing and soak in webinars! I need to make such endeavors more of a priority — thanks for sparking the flame! And, good luck with your endeavors!


    1. It really was a challenge to get through the entire Summit. Of course every day they offered it for a discounted price. If you paid for it you could download everything and go back to it whenever you wanted. Butt I know me I would have downloaded it and forgot about it. Then it would have been money wasted.


  6. Good for you. It is so nice when you are able to follow through on something like that and find it useful. Makes for a feeling of accomplishment. You sound energized and ready to go on this. Will look forward to your updates.


  7. Yes I am energized. My plan is to try out something new each week. Then I can gauge if I am getting any result. Next weeks promo is all lined up and I am working on the next one. Meanwhile I got another order for my children’s books today. 12 more going out.


  8. I know an email list is important but I’ve not been successful at encouraging those necessary followers. It’s a tricky business keeping contact without your contact seeming like spam.


    1. Yes it is a balancing act. There are so many on line marketing course out there and many seem to teach tricking people into getting their e mail address. I just can’t seem to force myself to do that.


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