Step Lightly

IMGP6484By S. J. Brown

Now that spring has finally arrived everyone is heading outdoors.  There are so many places to explore and discover.  Before you venture out there are a few things to remember. 

Don’t forget your bug spray.  There are hundreds of little critters out there that would like to take a ride on your clothes or boots. 


Stay on paths and trails so you don’t trample on delicate plants and flowers or encounter a venomous snake. Watch where you step, many birds like puffins and killdeers make their nest on the ground.


That little fawn you find laying in the weeds most likely wasn’t abandoned.  Mother deer will leave their young hidden in overgrown weeds when they go off to feed.  When predators are near the mother will try to lead the threat away from her baby, to a mama deer you are a threat.   


One of the most important things to remember when you go for a hike or into any natural area is that Mothers will fiercely protect their babies.  A seemingly docile duck or goose can become very aggressive when you get just a little too close to their baby.


You may be able to defend yourself against a single goose, but they tend to stick together. You are no match for an entire flock.   A single flap of a goose’s wing will leave a welt and will sting for quite a while.  They can cause some serious damage with their beaks as well.


Many wild animals are deceptively quick.  That lethargic looking bear can charge suddenly and most likely will outrun you.


Most of the dangers you may encounter in the wild can be avoided.  Simply be aware of your surroundings.  Observe wild creatures from a distance and respect their space.  Remember you are a visitor in their world.

I hope I have given you a few hints that will make your next wild excursion a pleasant one.  Thanks for stopping by.


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14 thoughts on “Step Lightly

  1. Great article, Sue! I saw some killdeer while at my friends’ ranch this weekend — a sure sign of spring! I was also blessed to observe sandhill cranes, and one even did a bit of a dance — so cool to watch! Thanks for a great, informative post, and may you enjoy the spring days ahead, too!


    1. Spring is definitely on the way. We have robins running around the yard, and the rabbits are checking out the flowers. I am hoping to photograph some babies in the coming weeks.


  2. I’ve taken a couple of walks on our nearby neighborhood urban trail. Flowers blooming, a pleasant smell in the air. Wind’s gusting today up to 40 mph, so this evening might not be the best time to head out to the trail. But the flowers are calling.


  3. Great tips on things to watch for when we’re out of the woods, or along that travel path if we get off the sides, so thanks for that information. I love your photographs. Cher’ley


  4. Funny how many people ignore those things and are injured each year by wild animals they just wanted a picture of…. And, having lived on a farm, I find people who grow up in the city think they can even rush up to tame animals and expect them to stand still. The little bugs had better stay away, I find I’m less tolerant of them as I grow older. Thanks for all the advice.


    1. Most of the time when someone is injured by a critter it is because they were being careless and not paying attention. As for bugs I firmly believe they belong OUTSIDE.


  5. Excellent suggestions, SJ. I haven’t been on a walk in the wilds for some time but spring is definitely in the air around me just now. I’m still trying my hardest to get a photo of the magpies in my garden but they fly off way too quickly for my limited camera skills to catch them.


  6. Flowers are definitely blooming here and there are some bushes with bright pink flowers at the corner of my street that I don’t know the name of. They smell nice and are beautiful but attract bees so I get really nervous when Hana sticks her nose in there to sniff them. I love the flowers but my allergies act up this time of year.


  7. As always, I love your post. Wildflowers are here, and beautiful, but as a mosquito magnet, I don’t spend as much time outside as I used to. I wish I could. As to animals–I don’t often see wild ones, but when I see tame geese coming, I give them plenty of leeway. I used to frequent a restaurant built on a spring-fed lake where geese and ducks waddled around on the lawn. One day I watched through the picture window as a toddler toddled after a goose, and then the goose turned around and chased the toddler. The parents scooped the child up before the goose could. But it confirmed what I’d always been told about geese.


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