Prepping for Publication

One of my promises to myself this year was to release books under my name instead of hiding behind secret pen names. Having books out under my name have the added bonus of me being able to market them, talk about them, show my parents I am actually writing and publishing. To that end I am preparing a book for publication! The Princess Prophecy will be the first of many releases for this year if I can stay on track and get all the work done.

The obvious first step was writing the book (novella actually). Check. Finished writing that last year and of course procrastinated doing anything else with it because releasing it into the world under my name is scary. To prepare for publication I am working on revisions. I’ve read through the story, noted where things don’t work and I’m in the process of keying those changes into Scrivener.

The next scary step is to send it to my editor. She’s super busy so I might not be able to release the story by the end of April like I’d hoped but that’s okay. Once it’s in her hands I know I will be releasing it as soon as I make the necessary corrections.

Other preparations for publication include Facebook ads to gain mailing list subscribers. To increase visibility I will also be attempting the A – Z Blogging Challenge again this year. Since my April release is science fiction romance my theme for the challenge will be speculative fiction. Why not science fiction? Or science fiction romance? Because I have a lot of releases planned and most fall into the broader speculative fiction category.

And now I will do the cover reveal for The Princess Prophecy!


I will be back later with the description. Right  now I wanted to show off the cover. There will be other stories in the series that I can’t wait to work on.

What do you like to see from authors leading up to a book launch?

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I have a new story out in an anthology! The Newcomer has twelve science fiction short stories from authors across the globe.

From a young couple struggling to look after their baby to a new captain’s reluctance to take command of her ship, and from a sun-addled stranger’s appearance in town to the emergence of a sentient AI, the twelve tales presented here explore the central theme of an arrival by someone or something new. There’s even an alien puppy.

The stories are:

Tithe by Griffin Carmichael
Exodus by Alec Hutson
First Bonding by Tom Germann
Ice Dreamer by J J Green
The Nanny by Cindy Carroll
Right Hand by Jonathan C Gillespie
What Make is Your Cat? by Richard Crawford
Kaxian Duty by Cherise Kelley
Lessons Learned by J Naomi Ay
The Humra by Laura Greenwood
The Hawk of Destiny’s Fist by James S Aaron
Repulse by Alasdair Shaw


11 thoughts on “Prepping for Publication

  1. Cindy,
    Good luck with The Princess Prophesy! I hope it’s a big success for you.
    One thing I like to see pre-publication is meeting the author at some event. I enjoyable meeting will guarantee that I buy that book. If you can speak at a library or get on a panel of “Almost published authors” or some way to get yourself in front of the public.
    – Stephen

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  2. You are an inspiration, Cindy! You obviously make book/novella writing a priority in your life. I, too, have several works in progress that I’d like to finish this year, but the magazine article writing has kept me busier already this first quarter than I had anticipated. I’m grateful, though, because that freelance writing helps pay the bills. Perhaps I’ll have time this summer at my cabin to continue working on manuscripts. I do hope to have a children’s book ready for release in just a few weeks, in time for Children’s Book Week in early May — I already have 3 speaking/signing gigs set up for that week, so that story is top priority. Good luck with your new releases!


  3. IT is scary to put things out there, but am sure you will be glad you pushed through that and get ‘er done! Good goals and am sure you will be successful and have a reason to feel good when you’re done.


  4. Congrats, Cindy! I know the feeling of having a book out in your own name. It’s exciting yet terribly nerve-wracking. I went through it last year and almost made myself sick with worry. It’s different than having a short story out or like in your case, a pen name. But I think you’ll really be glad you did and you should try to enjoy the ride. As for what to do before publication, I think Amazon pre-orders are good but I’m not sure how that’s done. Also do giveaways. My publisher for my children’s book did that on Goodreads. Before the book was published, people selected “to read” for my book and then they were automatically entered into the book giveaway. It was great because then it looked like I had all these readers who wanted to read my book up on Goodreads. Good luck!


  5. Congratulations on using your real name. You deserve credit for what you’ve done. That’s a great cover. I like hearing authors at libraries and other venues talking about upcoming releases. Good luck!


  6. I like the cover, I like your ambition. Good luck with the book release. Keep us up to date on how things are going. Also think about doing a blog on Facebook ads, I think we would all like to know how they work out for you.


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