Casper is the Place to Be!

IMG_1658by Neva Bodin

Wikipedia says an annual solar eclipse took place February 26, 2017 in South America and southwestern Africa. I saw no publicity about it. However, there is plenty of warning (information) in our fair city of Casper, Wyoming about the eclipse happening here on August 21st. Casper is in the direct path. This will be the first total solar eclipse in the US since 1979. The next one will be in 2024. The website— –is counting off the seconds, minutes, hours and days.

According to, NASA will life stream images of the solar eclipse. Bing images show the path and times it will be visible across the United States.

The moon will pass between the earth and the sun, obscuring the sun for a brief period and darkness will descend on a portion of the earth. Must have been scary for early peoples.

EclipseI found multiple past myths and legends that have originated from the scariness: in Vietnam a frog, in Norway a wolf, and in China a celestial dragon devoured the sun causing an eclipse; Hindu religion thought a deity’s head flew off and devoured the sun; Korean folklore suggests mythical dogs stole the sun; ancient Greeks believed there was an angry god; the Tewa tribe of New Mexico believed an angry Sun left the sky to go to a place in the underworld. Many other peoples believe there will be tragedies and disasters during an eclipse. In India, some believe food cooked during an eclipse will be poisonous. However, in Italy, people believe flowers planted during a solar eclipse will bloom with brighter colors.

One of our local journalists made known his fear in a recent column that our city would run out of beer and toilet paper during the solar eclipse. I tend to believe that. I will stock up ahead of time.

People are renting out their home for prices ranging from the area of $800 to $8000 a night we’re told. The city is wanting to know who is renting out their property and apparently have to approve/inspect it or something.

Many countries from around the world have called our airport re landing their private jets. The city managers/business people are having meetings re feeding and transporting and entertaining the sun-struck visitors. Some felt they would want limousines or fancy treatment; others felt they already had that and wanted to see the old west which many feel we still personify. I think they should transport them from the airport in a stage coach, that carries bottled water of course. A nice blend of new and old—no?

We will stay home, with plenty of beer and toilet paper, and hope the day isn’t cloudy, listen to the expected melee of the city, and jealously guard our property. Our deck should make a perfect viewing place. I have already bought the viewing spectacles.


13 thoughts on “Casper is the Place to Be!

  1. Greg and I plan to be at our cabin; we’ve had an out-of-town friend ask if she can stay at our home or at the mountain property. I wonder how many more might want to be here but haven’t asked yet?!? Yes, this town is “eclipse crazy.” For me, it’s a cool thing to see but not worth flying in from elsewhere and paying outrageous overnight fees. Amazing what people spend their money on. Great post, Neva!


    1. Thanks. You should have great viewing on the mountain! I have a feeling we will have a very congested city, cloudy or not. Bet you will get some more asking, maybe even friends of friends etc. Am sure you guys will have fun that day too.


  2. Love your photo, did you get new ones taken? Thanks for the info on the eclipse. I think I will stay out of Casper that day. It probably was scary in early times. Great post and links. Thanks Cher’ley


    1. I did have new ones taken, and that’s not the one I like best, but was in a hurry when I realized I’d forgotten to write and post last night for today! Many not here do not even know there will be an eclipse. I might not have except for all the stirrings in our city re it. Thanks for the comments.

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  3. I’ve lived through and seen two solar eclipses that I remember. While fun, the plethora of people would not be. Enjoy, and I like the idea of stagecoach and bottled water. Doris


    1. They are definitely a phenomena, but I still wonder about the magnamity of the planned celebration and the real incentive (besides increased business for our city of course) for people to come from all over the world for a very short show. Am glad our state is getting so much publicity however. Glad you like my idea, I could come up with a lot more if they’d just ask me!


  4. Enjoy! The ancients had their own sort of ‘field days’ but I’m sure the general population was terrified during the total ones believing that their gods had forsaken them. I remember being a bit disappointed with the last total one here as the cloud cover was very heavy. You prompted me to search what it might be like in Edinburgh this year -since that’s where I’ll be on the 21st Aug – but it’s only going to be the teensiest partial eclipse. I’m guessing it’ll be so insignificant it won’t get much news coverage here.


  5. Neva,
    It’s sounds both exciting and frustrating with all the added people in town.
    Let me know if you need any more toilet paper or beer……. Okay, perhaps just toilet paper.
    Have a great time and tell us about your experience.
    – Stephen


  6. Seeing the sun get swallowed much have been terrifying for the ancients. I know that people of the Old Testament thought God dwelt inside tornadoes. It was a much simpler world back then. Hope the weather is good in 2024 so people can see the total eclipse.


  7. I enjoyed your post. My husband and I are going to Blue Springs, MO for the eclipse. It’s not directly in the path, but it’s close, and we’ll get to see family there. I appreciate the warning and will be sure to take some toilet paper along.


  8. I didn’t even know about the eclipse coming up in August so I’m glad I read your post. I doubt I’ll go anywhere like Casper to watch it as it sounds like it will be really crowded and I’m not good with crowds. Sounds like you’ll have the perfect place to watch it in relative quiet and hopefully it will be good weather.


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