Safe or Smart by Darrah J. Perez


When you’re safe, you’re safe.
But when you’re smart, you can make smart decisions but, there is always going to be a downfall.
Just because you made a smart decision, it doesn’t mean you made the right decision.

Smart people make wrong decisions all the time.

Smart would be an opinion.

Safe would be a fact. 

Why do you think people say, “I’d rather be safe than sorry?”

“I’m sorry I messed up, please forgive me.” See, if someone thought they were making a smart decision, but yet, made a mistake, they then apologize. They are not safe. They are worried. 
Better to be safe than smart.

What do you think?

On a retreat, I recently discovered how to use tricks in handling business.

“Tricks” is a word that can make you automatically think something bad or maybe not. Tricks, are also what magicians and sorcerers do. 

In the way we handle ourselves, when giving a first impression, especially, in interviews, know what you are going to say.

Talk and think at the same time. If you have to pause for a moment while talking, do it. It is better to be smart than just babbling off at the mouth.

My husband and I recently had a conversation,  he said, “When someone asks you, are you working hard? You say I’m working smart.”

I looked at him and as I thought about it, I then gave him a question, I said, “between safe or smart, which one would you chose?” He chose safe.

Safe is our comfort zone. We hear the word safe and we relax. 

I would chose safe too.

But, when your safe your safe, and when you’re smart you can make smart decisions but there is always going to be a downfall.
Just because you made a smart decision doesn’t mean you made the right decision.
Smart people make wrong decisions as well.
Smart would be an opinion.
Safe would be a fact. 

A dear friend of mine said, “I chose smart because as a mother I teach my kids, you think smart, you chose smart. When you’re smart, you don’t have to worry about being safe.
Thinking smart avoids having to worry about being safe.
If you think smart, you will be safe.”

safe or smart

Seeing two different worlds in two different perspectives, I know there is more.
Too see a situation in a thousands eyes makes for understanding.
Never settle for what has just been said, instead learn of what evolves.
The truth lies within.
To be safe or smart is an option, the choice of everyday life.
Be safe
Be smart.

I think I may as well choose both, or maybe not. What about you?


15 thoughts on “Safe or Smart by Darrah J. Perez

  1. In truck driving they say, ‘Work smarter, not harder. We try to work like that. I guess it’s smart tho be safe. I’m a big risk taker and I don’t fear much, so I guess I’d better be smart. Thanks for giving me food for thought. Cher’ley

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    1. With the power of perception we each see things differently, making it important in seeing what we choose. It helps in understanding more about who we are. With no right or wrong answer it is awesome to have the power of choice.


  2. Smart is a word with different meanings to different people I think. And safe is what many people want, although many choose the edge of danger (dare devils etc) I think they want to be safe in the outcome. Interesting blog. As Cher’ley said, lots of food for thought.

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  3. For most of the adult life, I’ve played it safe, wanting to not die prematurely… so much to see and experience (whoops, not that much, since I played it safe). Now that I’m 65, I’m playing it smart. Go for the gusto (a TV ad one-liner from long ago).

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  4. As writers, I think “playing it safe” might mean we don’t do much with our writing. Oh, we can write and then play it safe by not putting our work out there; that’s out of (many writers’) comfort zone. It appears to me that most of us in this group actually “play it smart” when it comes to writing — we write and we risk, putting our work out there. Although we may not be famous creatives, we are fulfilling our purpose and responding to our calling — not necessarily a “safe” thing to do. I think there are times to be “safe” and there are many times to be “smart” — and perhaps times for both. Great post, Darrah!

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  5. Life’s questions and answers are what make us who we are. The trick, keep asking the questions. Thank you for the post, the questions and your answers. Doris

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