Painting with Words

Post (c) Doris McCraw


This post is about painting with words, letting the words do the work that pictures usually do. We all use them, it is how we communicate. Still many can’t or don’t read. There are those who can’t write, let alone write cursive. If we don’t use words correctly, misunderstanding occur.

April as most of you know is National Poetry Month. It is a month to celebrate words. While I enjoy most poetry, I prefer the challenge of the haiku form. I haven’t been posting as many this year, and that is by choice. I’ve decided to let the well fill up again. Still I can’t let this month get by without some form of poetry.  Here then is a poem a CENTO if you will, of life, love and…. It is composed from lines of some of my favorite paintings with words.

Only I can change my life

Let go of the life you planned – To feel freedom

Don’t wait for something outside yourself – Darkness cannot drive out darkness

Reality is better than your dreams – Being deeply loved gives you strength

Loving deeply give you courage – Love those who can smile in trouble

Dreams are more powerful than facts – Culture is the intersection of people and life

Cowards die many times before their death – Death is not to be feared if one has lived wisely

You cannot feel comfortable – Without your own approval.

Immortal Twain said:

” Don’t part with your illusions. When they are gone

You may still exist, but you have ceased to live.”

So I leave you with a painting taken from the words of many. May the picture be one that speaks to you in its own way. Have a wonderful Spring and remember to paint pictures in your mind from the words you read, speak and hear.

Doris McCraw also writes as Angela Raines and is an  Author, Speaker, Historian-specializing in Colorado and Women’s History.

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Every step you take should be a prayer.
And if every step you take is a prayer then you will always be walking in a sacred manner.
Oglala Lakota Holy man.



14 thoughts on “Painting with Words

    1. Mike, It’s what poets try to do, and it makes sense that novelist and others would do the same. Wishing you the best on the story. I know you will have a great story. Doris


    2. Mike, It’s what poets set out to do. It makes sense for novelist and other writers. Wishing you the best on this story. I know you will be successful. Doris


  1. Had not thought of “painting with words” as a phrase writers do, but it is so accurate. I paint with oils and words and will be more mindful of that integration because of you! Thanks for an inspiring post.


    1. Neva, You are more than welcome. I had a poet I worked with who kept insisting that the reader needed to see the poem. It just hit me, it was word painting. It just made sense to me. Here’s to painting those words. Doris


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