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What is a vacation-dream spot? 

A  husband and wife booked a city bus tour in Athens, Greece. We were told to wait in the hotel lobby at 7 a.m. and hop onto the bus when it arrived, which they did. First red flag? Their guide spoke only Portuguese. Second red flag? The bus stopped at a port, and everyone was herded onto a boat. It turns out that they, two 69-year-olds, had boarded a 12-hour party-boat tour of the Aegean Islands with a Brazilian tour group! They had no IDs and very little money, so they decided to stay put (instead of getting off at one of the island stops), drink a few beers, and get some sun. Lesson learned: Speak up at the first red flag.
This is a story from Vestina Forkel a residence of Orangeburg, South Carolin.

My husband and I are planning our mini vacations around 3 spots. One is our house in Florida, the other is our kids’ homes in OH, and the other is our grandkids’ home in TX. We see relatives at each one, so they are all good. This is one of the advantages of driving a truck.

We are thinking about taking a cruise in the next year or so. We have never been on a cruise, except we took a cruise to nowhere when our kids were young.

This time of year vacations come up a lot. Here is a link to 50 favorite vacation spots 

Hwaiian beach

The beach or if you prefer the mountains, some people even enjoy the dessert. The Mountains

Berry Springs Lodge in the Smoky Mountains







A mountain view-breath taking.



I was curious about what the best time of year to think about taking a vacation, I had always heard August. I think it was until they started beginning the School year in August instead of September.

Favorite vacation months in the United States.


Image result for Dusty Wild West free images

Margaret Branson isn’t on a vacation, but she’s getting to see a terrain she only dreamed of. This is her Vacation-Dream spot. Going from a city back “East” to the Wild West is an eye opening experience for a young lady. She had always been under the protection of her Daddy, and now she was all alone, relying on her instincts and her inner strength.


Four Moons and Fair Maidens


She has never seen an Indian, and now she is making arrangements to bring the Indians and the Calvary together. She has some great news articles and fantastic photographs to send back to the Cincinnati Newspaper that is owned by her father. Join her for many adventures.  


***What is your Dream Vacation Spot? Do you prefer hot or cool? Do you have a vacation planned for this year? ***


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17 thoughts on “Vacation-Dream Spot by Cher’ley

  1. Ah, a vacation and a book to read. Sounds like heaven. I’ve not been on a vacation for years, but living where I do, just walking out the door is a dream. Doris


  2. My dream vacation is Ireland and Scotland, and if I ever could see another country, Switzerland and/or Austria. But, I likely will not travel overseas just because of planes, airports, and problems in foreign countries, so my desire is to visit all of America’s national parks via RV — hoping to do that when I retire. I treasure America’s parks, enjoy seeing wildlife and different environments, and like to travel to new places, so I do hope I’m able to accomplish that before my time on earth is through. For now, though, it’s my mountain cabin and my friends’ ranch — I treasure each visit to each location! Great post, Cher’ley!


  3. I have done a couple of memorable vacations in my earlier days; they were up-close encounters with America’s wilderness and its critters. One year I went to Glacier Park with a couple of friends. We day-hiked; didn’t see any grizzlies, but did see lots and lots of other kinds of wildlife. At the tail end of the trip, we camped in Yellowstone, and under the stars without any light to obscure the night sky, watched a meteor shower. Those are memories I cherish.


  4. I prefer vacationing during off-seasons, like spring or fall. It’s cheaper and less tourists/crowds. I love cruises and my favorite one was cruising Alaska. That was actually one of my favorite trips ever. It’s so beautiful! My dream vacation is wine-tasting in New Zealand. My cousins just went and said it was incredible. It’s just hard to take that much time off though and if I’m flying all that way, I want to be there for at least two weeks.


  5. I admit it I cheat. I don’t just take one vacation a year. I take several that way I can spend time in the mountains and time on the beach. Personally I prefer to vacation during the school year, fewer crowds.


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