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For those who are old enough, Carly Simon had a hit back in the day with the song ‘Anticipation’.  The words tell the story of someone who is anticipating a relationship. Listening to it the other day the thought ran through my mind that it is the feeling of what may come that is the joy and agony of life. Sometimes the excitement drives us further than we expect, but can also stymie us to the point of doing nothing.

Merriam-Webster define anticipation as:

  1. a prior action that takes into account or forestalls a later action hired more security guards in anticipation of a large crowd  :  the act of looking forward; especially :  pleasurable expectation looked forward with anticipation to their arrival

  2.  visualization of a future event or state :  an object or form that anticipates a later type

For creative people, I do believe anticipation is necessary to move us forward. We anticipate our work, be it story, painting, photograph, will have an impact of the world around us.  We hope our works will be popular, or at least liked by the people important to us.  It that doesn’t happen we can become discouraged, want to give up or move on and try something else.

The reality is, we want ourselves and that part of us, our creative endeavor, to be validated by the world around us. We want to know that we are seen, heard and appreciated. Too many times we get hurt and then hide the hurt so others don’t know the power of their reaction. We ourselves can be guilty, many times without realizing it. We are caught up in our own hurts, our drive, our lives. 

Perhaps it’s time to take back our power, live in anticipation and take the time to support the dreams of others as best we can. Life is short, but the anticipation of what may come, now that can keep us young.

For those who don’t remember the song, or would just like to hear it again, I’ve posted the link below. Enjoy and don’t let the anticipation get away from you. Follow the dreams you have, make them come true. Anticipate the best, it just might happen. After all as the beginning of the song says, “we can never know about the things to come, but we dream about them anyway…”


Doris Gardner-McCraw – pen name Angela Raines
Author, Speaker, Historian-specializing in
Colorado and Women’s History

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24 thoughts on “Anticipation

    1. It is, isn’t it Cher’ley. We sometimes forget what an important part it plays in our lives. Here’s to some wonderful anticipation. *Smile* Doris

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  1. Interesting song. Not sure if I’ve heard it before. Anticipation keeps us going, if it’s anticipating something positive. It can paralyze us with fear too if we anticipate disaster in some form I think. But I agree that we should support each other and help others to anticipate success in their endeavors. I think all successful people start by anticipating that success.


    1. Neva, you hit the nail on the head. Anticipation can be a good or bad thing. I personally try to keep it on the good side. *Grin*. They do say you get what you think about, so I prefer to think about the positive as much as I can. Doris


  2. You mean that Carlie Simon song wasn’t about waiting for ketchup to come out of a bottle? Smile emoticon. The problem with anticipation is that if you expect something really big like a million-dollar book deal or being appointed state poet laureate by the governor, and it doesn’t happen, it’s a let-down. This was an interesting post.


    1. Abbie,

      Anticipation is both a blessing and a curse. I’m still waiting for the million dollars, but fortunately I have enough other small stuff, I’m not missing it too much. *Grin*. To be it is the dichotomy of life. *Smile* Doris

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    2. Abbie,

      Anticipation is both a blessing and a curse. I’m still waiting for the million dollars, but fortunately I have enough other small stuff, I’m not missing it too much. *Grin*. To me it is the dichotomy of life. *Smile* Doris

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  3. Instant gratification lessens our happiness. The longer and harder we strive for something the more it’s appreciated once it’s achieved. Thanks


  4. I wait with anticipation for the October release of my Civil War novel. I wonder what my friends — in-person as well as online — will think of the tale. I know the people who critiqued it liked the story, as did my editor for the publisher. By the way, I like this bit in your post: “take the time to support the dreams of others as best we can.” I can use whatever help my fellow WW&W bloggers are willing to toss my way — reviews, a guest post on a personal blog, etc. But hey, that’s still several months away and my anticipation is bottled up right now. :-).


    1. Mike,

      Know you can count on my to help out as best I can when the book arrives. I know I’m looking forward to the story with great anticipation. *Smile* Doris


  5. I loved that song, and others that Carly sang — great way to connect her music with our writing endeavors. Anticipating projects, making characters come alive, and weaving stories together are all things I anticipate, and as I go through this week (Children’s Book Week) sharing my writing endeavors with youngsters and their families, I’m in high anticipation mode. Thanks, Doris, for a great piece that kicks off my week of events; you helped bring a smile to my face and heart!


    1. What an exciting week, Gayle. Wasn’t her voice just so unique. I loved listening to her when I was studying. I wish you well for everything you are doing. Sounds like some great anticipation in your neck of the woods. *Grin* Doris


  6. I try not to anticipate too much for fear of being disappointed. Like for my writing: I try not to put too much emphasis on other people. I say to myself that if I’m happy with what i wrote, then that’s good enough, but deep down, I’m hoping at least one other person will like it!


    1. Sarah, what a great way to look at writing. It probably is easier on the mind. I personally just go with anticipation of having the best outcome and prepare for the worst. (Kinda weird, but….*grin*). I do believe time with tell that many people like your work. Doris


  7. Doris,
    What a nice post! I agree that anticipation plays a big part of being creative and life. When I was little my sister used to hunt for where my mother hide the Christmas presents but I was always content to wait for Christmas morning to find out my presents. I enjoyed the anticipation almost as much as actually opening the presents and finding what I received.
    – Stephen


    1. Stephen, a person after my own heart. Like you, I never searched for Christmas gifts, it just spoiled the idea of the holidays for me. You are right, the anticipation is more than half the fun. Thanks Doris


  8. When I announced I was going to hunt for Christmas presents, my mom said, “Go right ahead, but if you find them, it won’t be any fun to open them Christmas morning.” End of hunting. I still don’t know where she hid them. When I was younger, however, she had to answer, “How long till Christmas?” over and over and over. I think I started the day after Thanksgiving. At that age, anticipation isn’t easy. Now I anticipate deadlines; they get here a lot quicker than Christmas did. Thanks for your post.


    1. Kathy, I somehow can just hear you asking ‘how long till Christmas’. Usually I enjoy anticipation, but deadlines are not the funnest part. Still, at least I am lucky enough to have them. *Grin*. Thanks for sharing and commenting. Doris


    1. It’s such a great song, isn’t it S.J.? The title and words say so much. We all need a bit of encouragement and anticipation. Doris


  9. I love the positive aspects of anticipation and yes, I have high hopes for a lot of things but also know that it often takes effort and planning to ensure a good outcome. Great post, Doris! The song did bring back memories. 😉


    1. Nancy, It’s the anticipation of success that keeps me working. I am excited for you, your rewards for past works and the prospect of new ones. Also, glad you had the chance to attend a writers conference. They can be fun and rewarding.

      I have to admit, when I hear that song….sigh. Doris


  10. Like my mom says, “We never know when our times has come, life your life to the fullest.” Tomorrow is never promised and yes, so true how we make plans and dive into them not thinking about anything suddenly stopping us from reaching our goals. Anticipation is something I’m grateful to have. It brings joy to life.


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