Poetry is fun! Try it, you’ll like it!


I know, last month was poetry month, but so what?  Poetry flows right through you, if you stop to listen.  Hear it?  It’s in your eyes, heart and soul when you look at nature or something else just as beautiful.  Walk down the road and you will see and hear all sorts of sounds and sights.


In my world, I see nature.  All sorts of four legged-furry friends scamper, run and jump through my five-acre wooded lot.  Birds sing and drop their seeds from our bird feeder and the squirrels scoop them up and a hurry.  The deer like the leftovers, too.

If you have a mind to do it, put all of this into words and watch it flow onto the page.  When finished, you’ll think—that came from me?  I don’t believe it!  So then go back and re-read it from the beginning to the end.  Did you add more to it?  That’s how you write.  Keep adding until you’re finished.

Here’s some fun poetry from my new poetry book.

Whispers From the Wind


Bees Buzz

Striped and yellow jackets swarm around gathering summer honey

buzzing in our quiet ears forcing us whispering weary and abundantly scared

Little children chase off far from the attacking buzz

Screaming and shouting for their mother’s who scream and shout

for the dad’s


We’re being invaded by buzzing bees!” the mother shouts. “They sting and hurt.”

“They give us deliciously, warm autumn honey,” the dad says, “which we will ooze onto a freshly baked slice of bread,

lick our lips and fingers, delight our tummy

with the first bite.”

~~~~~~~~~Barbara Schlichting 

Enjoy the day!  Enjoy the poetry from your surroundings high in the sky and under your feet!  Today is the day to begin to write what’s in your heart, mind, and soul.

Whispers From the Wind

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15 thoughts on “Poetry is fun! Try it, you’ll like it!

  1. As you know, poetry is special to me. Thank you for reminding us about the beauty and poetry that surrounds us. Doris


  2. You are right about poetry in and around us. Remember the song “Poetry in Motion” about the guy’s girlfriend. I never strain to write poetry, but write it as it flows through me as you said. Enjoyed your poem, delicious memories.


  3. I love how so many of us Wranglers enjoy nature and how it inspires our writing. Love your photos, enjoyed your poem, and found your post encouraging. Thanks, Barb!


  4. Not just adding to a story until its finished. Also deleting paragraphs, tightening chapters, I’ve discovered, improves a story. And I agree with what you and other commenters are saying about nature and poetry. In my novels, when I describe terrain, I always try to write the description in a poetic way.


  5. I love poetry. It constantly runs through my head, but I usually ignore it or forget it before I can write it down, especially when I am driving. I have had a lot of poetry published. Thanks for the post and good that you are getting a new book together. Cher’ley


  6. I haven’t wrote a new poetry piece in a while. This post gives me inspiration to do so.
    Whispers in the wind! I love the title. I have a presentation called that, which speaks of our ancestors.
    I always say, “Poetry is a form of a prayer.”


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