“My instinct tells me, it’s coming, a perfect eclipse” — Darrah J. Perez


 Chapter One: The Provided Answers

A while back, my local library was giving away free books. A lot of these books were my type of books. I completely found it bizarre. I gathered up as many of them as I could and brought them home. I never knew the depth of understanding of why this happened. Until, the synchronicities began speaking to me….

Selected for a Native American entrepreneurship program, I was offered a full scholarship. The program lasted throughout the 2017 summer going through the second week of September. This program was geared toward making business around the August 21, 2017 totality solar eclipse.

I knew this! But, I also knew, how afraid I was to hear the word totality. My mind raced. My thoughts trying to find a safe way out, and a complete, peace of mind. Facing my fear was the main reason for me enrolling into college and looking for a future. I knew I would not and could not be trapped by fear.

On my first day of class……the first day of May 2017, I was overt excited with joy. The opportunity to learn more about business, marketing, and co-ops really held my interest. Selected from more than 100 applicants, I was one of the first ten to take the course. “This is a trial run,” the instructor mentioned, “the future of this program depends on how well and successful this group does.” The awe of a complete honor filled the hearts of every selected applicant. I wondered if they knew we were selected out of one hundred submitted applications? When I first found out, I wanted to cry tears of gratitude.

On the same day of my first day of class, I watched a movie that I had the liberty of watching twice. Once with my mother and brother and once with my husband. The name of the movie is called, ‘Split’ written by M. Night Shyamalan. With 23 different identities, the main character Kevin Wendell Crumb kidnaps and imprisons three teenage girls said, “to be used as sacred food to the beast.” Two of the identities inside of him believed in the beast, while the others believed in the light. Two things came from this movie. One being, the broken are more evolved, they are more awakened. The second being, the brain is amazing, we believe what our mind tells us.

This movie hit so close to home for me. When finished, I went out into the dark, looking up to the moon I prayed. My mother’s house is very close to the town cemetery. As I was in deep conversation with the Creator, in the corners of my eyes and even right in front of me, I saw images that I have a hard time explaining. I thought, the darkness is playing tricks with my mind. I saw them more than once, shadows moving not more than a few feet in front of me. It blurred my vision. They moved rarely fast. After seeing it the second time, I got afraid. I knew it wasn’t my mind playing tricks on me, but something beyond real.

They were spirits.

The next day at school, the instructor introduced cognitive and personality development in individuals. From the 1920s, Swiss, psychologist, Jean Piaget introduced birth to age 2. From when a child is born until they reach two years of age, this stage is the biggest in the learning process. This is where the subconscious is stored and where personality is formed. Value judgments begin forming after birth. Value judgements tell us how to act and how we see ourselves. Between birth and 2, we learn 80% of the knowledge we repeat in a lifetime. After 2 years, the synapsis break off causing the learned behaviors and knowledge to repeat. Basic values can be changed, but must be untaught. I learned the past is still within us today.

Fear comes from something our subconscious has stored. A traumatic experience. I am afraid of the dark. This has been known to me for all my life. I never knew why?

I began to wonder. Is this why I am afraid of the coming total solar eclipse?

My book; The Perfect Eclipse: A story based on a Yellowstone Prediction soon to hit stores near you.







19 thoughts on ““My instinct tells me, it’s coming, a perfect eclipse” — Darrah J. Perez

  1. Darrah, congratulations on the upcoming publication of your book. The last line certainly ensures that readers will turn the page. Do you have a projected release date?


  2. Some interesting thoughts from you on the coming total solar eclipse. I remember the one in 1963. It was summertime and I would become a sixth-grader in the fall. I’d always had an interest in astronomy and space exploration, so I wanted to see the eclipse. I built myself a shoebox contraption that would allow me to watch the moon slowly cover up the sun. It is interesting that it is this moment in time that the moon is perfect sized to exactly cover up the sun. In a few thousand years, the moon will be in a more distant orbit, and that won’t be the case anymore.

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  3. Sounds like you had an interesting and maybe terrifying experience. I do know someone who claims they remember their own birth and parts of being an infant, highly unusual. I have had a fear of the dark as far back as I can remember and attribute it to age two when my family of five moved from a 2 room to 3 story home. Five in one bedroom to each having their own and lots of space terrified me. I am still afraid of dark places. Hopefully you will have an uneventful but awesome eclipse viewing event.

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    1. Thank you. A very interesting concept came to me through another person. She said, “I believe we live many lives. Each astrological sign represents what stage you are in life. Each stage we are meant to get a different lesson. When we get those lessons we can move on.”
      What interested me was when she said, “Pisces is the last stage of life.” The reason it interested me is because I am a Pisces.
      I said, “Well what happens after?”
      She looked at me with a straight face and said, “We don’t know.”


  4. Congratulations, Darrah, both on the book and being selected for the program! I would be most interested in learning about you’re doing and what you’re learning; as you know, my husband owns his own business and I hope to become a fulltime freelance writer, so any thoughts and knowledge you have on business development and marketing, I’d love to hear and pick your brain about. To your success, my friend! I’ll look forward to your upcoming book!

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    1. We just learned the 4 P’s of marketing.

      1.) Product
      2.) Placement
      3.) Price
      4.) Promotion

      Quality, quantity, competitive market, wholesale vs retail, and how to get the word out. Many things to learn when it comes to marketing. I will let you know what comes of all this knowledge.


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