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You might be a PackRat if:

You think if you hold onto that polyester huge-lapeled suit, that it might actually come back in style some day.

You save flat tires for years because you think they can someday they can be repaired.

You don’t throw things away because every time you do, you need them a year later.

You keep your kids’ clothes so your grandkids and great grandkids can wear them.

You think those Mork & Mindy trading cards will be worth something one day.

You can have a community yard sale by yourself.

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There is a fine line between hoarding and collecting. Sometimes it depends on who’s looking at the items.

“All of us can have more possessions than we really need and wrestle to keep our stuff organized, yet for those with a hoarding issue, it’s to an extreme, where it interferes with their life and ability to use their space effectively,” says Dr. Annette Perot, a licensed psychologist who specializes in anxiety issues and hoarding.

Neva has been blogging a lot about her big adventure of sorting and disposing of items that have been long loved, and items that are just there. I don’t envy her that job.


Image result for packrat images I’m what they used to call a packrat. I don’t know if that sounds better than hoarder or not. What do you think? I think of myself as a collector. I collect art, old knick-knacks, books, and stamps. I am active in making art and in writing, plus I am exploring my roots with the DNA programs. I also need to mention the 1000’s of photos, VHS tapes, musical instruments, and music books that I have. All of it is useful to me. I don’t want to mention the 50 or 60 pairs of shoes that I have or the two closets, three dressers, and a few containers of clothes (you know some of these are Del’s). I also enjoy all the new-fangled things, like the “As Seen on TV” items. I have all of the NuWave products and I love each of them, but I don’t use them as often as I thought, but they keep all the blenders company. In my defense, I am constantly purging and ridding of stuff.


In Stamp Out Murder, James’ mother collected antique furniture. I know she went to a lot of auctions, and antique stores, so I wonder what else she picked up, perhaps an old vase, a lamp, or an old jewelry box. Maybe she collected or hoarded many more things, maybe too many to mention, more about this will surface in book two Cancel Out Murder.





***How about you, are you a collector or a hoarder? If you are one of those really neat people, do you know anyone who is a collector or a hoarder, and what do they have the most of?***

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17 thoughts on “Hoarding or Collecting by Cher’ley

  1. I don’t see myself as either a hoarder or either a collector. If I see no use for an item, I give it away or discard it. But, I do admit I keep notes with things written on them, maybe thoughts, quotes, what have you. I guess that could be considered hoarding. It’s maybe something every author or writer does from time to time?


  2. I’m a hoarder, but of things not valuable; I have a difficult time throwing away papers. My husband recently found a box of my stuff way back in the garage with papers dating to the late 1980s and early 1990s; I’ve been carrying around that junk for 30 years!! And, it’s not necessary. I have a big winter project to deal with! Interesting post, Cher’ley, and great thoughts for your next book!


    1. Gayle, it was ea died for me to get rid of old papers. Other than anythi g else. I still have a bunch. Working o. A co taainer of re riots for taxes this week. Cher’ley


  3. I have thought a lot about whether I’m a hoarder or collector–maybe a little of both? I hear stories of others who cleaned out their family’s home and the boxes of things found that have no reason to be saved to the finder, but obviously meant something to the saver. But what about all the plastic containers people save? Like cool whip, margarine, etc etc. Many of us have more stuff than we need, and it can become a burden to others when we leave this world. But it can also be a memory. And I think in some ways, valuing our stuff is part of showing we value things in this life, which spills over onto loved ones and friendships. Seems a mixed blessing sometimes. I can identify with you Cher’ley.


    1. Neva, I think you are right. I do periodically save containers. Not that I can’t buy some, or even that I don’t have enough, I’m just a big repurposing person. I do go through them every year and throw away what I’m not using. Lol Cher’ley


  4. The words “horder” and “packrat” mean the same thing to me, and I’m either one. My late ghusband, on the other hand, is a different I have yet to go through stacks of records, CD’s, videotapes, books, and other items he brought with him to our marriage. This won’t be happening any time ⠎⠕⠕⠝⠲

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    1. Neva, I think you are right. I do periodically save containers. Not that I can’t buy some, or even that I don’t have enough, I’m just a big repurposing person. I do go through them every year and throw away what I’m not using. Lol Cher’ley


    2. Abbie, there may be some items there of value, especially records. You might want to get someone to help you, so 4th hey can search the internet for value. Or even hi e them a percentage for just sorting it all out for you. I could do this with Del’s stuff, but not my own. Lol

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  5. I collected baseball cards for years, even decades. Started out in 1961 when I was nine. Every time I went with mom to the supermarket, I’d pester her until she bought a pack or two of Topps cards. I’ve got boxes and boxes of cards going from the early 1950s until about 2008 or so. When mom died in 2003, the fun went out of collecting. She’d always buy me the latest Topps box. Jody continued the Christmas tradition for a while, but I just lost interest..


  6. Your choice to keep things is something most people deal with. I think creatives, more than most, have a need to keep things for they are useful as we take our journeys. Only the person who has these things can make the call. LOL Doris


  7. A timely topic. I’m a packrat. Not organized enough to be a collector. Too much furniture, china, etc., because it’s been in the family for generations. Sheet music (not in great shape) my great-aunt had, and she’d stopped playing the piano except for church by the time I came along, post-WWII; I’ve never played any of it. Books, lots of books that I’ve sworn to clear out, and I started but was interrupted, and you know the rest. I got a shredder for all the paper but was interrupted… I would feel a lot better if I didn’t have so much stuff.


  8. I am selective about the items I keep. Although I purge things annually I admit we have things we don’t really need. I’m not a very sentimental person and I think that make sit easier for me to get rid of things


  9. I’m definitely a hoarder and find it so hard to part with items that just might be useful one day in the future. At present my grandkids are getting a lot of fun playing with a hamper of soft toys that belonged to my daughters (recently through the wash so are hygenic enough). My granddaughter is also at 5 now reading some of the ‘early readers’ that belonged to her mother. That’s only some of the things I can’t quite throw away yet.


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