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Maybe we should develop a Crayola bomb as our next secret weapon.  A happiness weapon.  A beauty bomb.  And every time a crisis developed, we would launch one.  It would explode high in the air – explode softly – and send thousands, millions, of little parachutes into the air.  Floating down to earth – boxes of Crayolas.  And we wouldn’t go cheap, either – not little boxes of eight.  Boxes of sixty-four, with the sharpener built right in.  With silver and gold and copper, magenta and peach and lime, amber and umber and all the rest.  And people would smile and get a little funny look on their faces and cover the world with imagination.  ~Robert Fulghum

Adult Coloring Books who knew they’d catch on like they have.


Do you have an Adult Coloring Book? Have you seen them? I did one year before last for the family. It turned out even better than I expected. So I did another one this year. It is selling pretty well.  What’s your thought on Adult Coloring Books?

I have always loved to color. I had fun with my kids, grandkids, and now great grands. There’s an art in coloring. Today people have discovered that it gives stress release I reckon it always has been, sometimes the youngin’s would sit for a long time as they colored page after page. It was a cheap, and creative way to entertain them.

CB Pelican Snack


What’s the difference between Adult Coloring Books and children’s coloring books? When I did mine, I looked for images that were a little more intricate. The massive amounts of pelicans feeding against the backdrop of the boat and the foreground of the water intrigued me.


This photo of Del fascinated me because of the reflections in the sunglasses. I thought of them like a puzzle, as the person colored the glasses the reflections would pop out.  CB Reflections of the Beach.jpg

I put a lot of thought into each image,  would it look good in black and white, would it be challenging and relaxing at the same time?

Wonders of Water      Advanced Coloring Book

***Have you thought of trying your hand at this? I know Sue has and here’s a link to her Adult Coloring Book. If you have one, you are welcome to put a link in the comments.***

Cher’ley’s Books are listed below and on sale at Amazon and local bookstores. Her newest book is an Advanced Coloring Book and she has one that is freshly published with 11 other authors.

Stamp Out Murder”.
 The Secret in Grandma’s Trunk” This is an especially good book for your Tween Children and Grandchildren
The JourneyBack 3The Journey Back-One Joy at a Time and the B&W Edition of The Journey Back
Boys Will Be Boys   The Joys and Terrors of Raising Boys-An Anthology
 Cowboys, Creatures, and Calico 

All About the Girls 5(3)

Four Moons and Fair Ladies Four Moons and Fair Maidens

Memories from Maple Street U.S.A: Pawprints on My Heartlink coming soon

Wonders of Water      Advanced Coloring Book

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14 thoughts on “Color my World by Cher’ley

  1. I color occasionally but I was always more fascinated with putting words on paper or creating stories in my head. Still, when I do, it’s fun. I know some people who adore coloring and do it all the time. They love it. Doris

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    1. I use to color a lot with my kids, th en grandkids, ow my great grands are old enough, but this adult coloring book ijs too intricate for them. I like to color som.etimes. Cher’ley


  2. I have purchased a few adult coloring books but still haven’t used them! LOL Maybe when I “retire” and become a snowbird — perhaps then I’ll have time to color… and create coloring books, which I’ve also thought about (even listened to a webinar a few years ago about making coloring books, but never followed through to create one.) Perhaps I could create one featuring all the dogs I’ve helped rescue! 🙂 Thanks for an interesting and thoughtful post!

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    1. If you are a snowboard in a n active adult community you don’t have much time for coloring. Lol. Still, when I sit do an to watch TV, it gives me something to do during th e commercials. Thanks Cher’ley


  3. I do like the concept of adult coloring books. So many people have such fond memories of crayons and using them to color pictures in the coloring books of their youth. In a way, collecting baseball cards as an adult was a way for me to recapture the love of baseball cards I had as a kid.

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  4. Although I did my share of coloring as a kid, I’ve never seen an adult coloring book. Maybe I’ll try one sometime.


  5. Our art guild printed coloring books with larger images than you see in many for adults with poor eye sight, inspired by a member for her family member. I oil paint so coloring books don’t hold much appeal for me anymore. But I think they are great and now acceptable for adults to color! Love the reflection in Del’s glasses.


  6. I’ve never had an adult coloring book, but I’ve always loved coloring. More than that, I love Crayolas, getting a new box for school every year, the clean smell, all the even little points.The red and the black always broke first–sad. Manual dexterity isn’t my thing, so I don’t know that coloring would relax me now–I prefer painting with acrylics, where I can paint over my mistakes. I’d never have thought of doing my own book. The picture of Del’s glasses really is fascinating.


  7. I’ve not tried an adult colouring book yet, Cher’ley, but I know I’d get engrossed in them. I tend to like to #help’ little kids fill in their colouring books. 😉


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