Next Stop Home

IMGP6489By S. J. Brown

I hope everyone enjoyed their summer as much as I did. I was on the road a lot, but by choice not necessity. In early June I attended the WV Writers conference. As always it was an energizing three days. I attended a number of workshops, conversed with friends on the porch and ate a bit too much.

S J Brown 1 Conference

One event I did stay home for was to renew my wedding vows. We did this a little different than most people. We had a brief ceremony at home followed by a trip down river in canoes and kayaks. Then it was back to the house to celebrate with our guest that didn’t follow us down river. Several of our guests spent the night so we were up until the wee hours of the morning.

S J Brown 2 Canoes

Next I was off to Garrett County Maryland with family. This trip was filled with laughter, plenty of food, salamander hunts, and a visit from a skunk.

S J Brown 3 Salamander

Then it was time to unpack, repack and head to New Jersey. This trip wasn’t a photo trip it was a reunion trip. I was a bit nervous about my high school reunion, I wasn’t exactly an outgoing teen. Our reunion was at a place called the Funny Farm. Yes there were farm animals hanging out with us. I was delighted to spend time with my former classmates and the owner of the funny farm, also a photographer. The reunion turned out to be lots of fun and I am looking forward to meeting up with several people in the future.

S J Brown 5 Sunset

My next stop was the Philadelphia Pennsylvania area. There is a wildlife refuge close to the airport that I wanted to visit for a while. So Hubby and I packed up the car and drove north. We had a wonderful day at the refuge. There were a lot of birds to photograph and a loveable puppy that just wanted to give me kisses.

S J Brown 4 Bird

Before heading home Jay and I stopped for a Philadelphia cheese steak. But did we want a world famous cheese steak or did we want to get one from the king of cheese steaks? We just picked one and got our food from Genos. They were good, but not as good as the cheese steak subs I remember as a kid. We headed home with a cheese steak sub tucked in the cooler for a friend. Hey, it was on her bucket list.

After repacking my duffle bag, and checking my camera equipment I headed back to New Jersey. This trip was all about family. My sister Betty and I spent some time discussing “Sisters” our memoir.
Then we headed to our favorite sub shop from our childhood. Walking in the door the smell engulfs you and we were transported back in time. Yes, they are still as good as we remembered.

S J Brown 6 Sisters

Then it was over to see my uncle I hadn’t seen in decades. We laughed and talked and got reacquainted. My next stop was dinner then off to my little sister’s house in the Pine Barons for the night.

S J Brown 7 Pine Barons

I somehow found time to go to a baby shower before heading back home. My plan for September is to stay home. Okay I might fit in a day trip or two, but I am not packing my duffle bag until October when I head to North Carolina.
How was your summer? Do you have any plans for Fall?

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16 thoughts on “Next Stop Home

    1. Yes it was a very busy summer. Not as many photos as you would think. A lot of this was family time and I was busy with family, rather than out taking pictures, no I don’t photograph people very often.


  1. My summer was fun but busy as usual. I traveled to the Wyoming Writers conference in June and to my uncle’s 75th birthday party in Colorado Springs a couple of weeks ago. In between, I wrote, blogged, and submitted work for possible publication. As I tell my friends, there’s always something for a writer to do.


  2. What a summer you had. It would have been fun to be a fly looking over your shoulder, and the cheese steaks…yum.

    For myself, I spent the summer working, by choice, but hope to do some day trips this fall. Doris


  3. Busy, fun summer, eh? But taking a vacation seeing relatives after years and years of not seeing them… that’s a grand endeavor. I’ve done the same… visited with cousins I haven’t seen since the 1960s.


    1. Yes reconnecting with family was a great part of my summer. It was interesting the things he remembered from my childhood, and he recognized me right away. Definitely a busy fun summer.


  4. Sounds like you need a Fall and Winter break to rest up. Glad you had all thoise adventures, and Congrats on your Vow renewal. How is “Sisters coming along. I thought about doing one with some cousins. Cher’ley.


    1. Sisters is complete and looking for a publisher. Meanwhile we have each started our follow up books. Yes I spent most of the last few weeks resting up. Now it is time to get back out there. North Carolina is next.


  5. That was an eventful trip S.J. and it’s great to know you’ve reconnected with friends/ classmates from days of yore. I’m not exactly sure what a salamander hunt entails but I’m sure it was a lot of fun finding such a cute elusive creature. I saw loads of them (or Salamander lizard types) in Cuba and they moved so fast.


    1. To hunt salamander you just need a muddy area and a few curious kids. You turn over rocks and logs until you find one. Then the kids all get to hold it before we put it back where we found it. It is a lot of fun.


  6. That sounds like a wonderful summer. My husband and I went to three film festivals where one of his videos was screened, but two were in Dallas and one in Fort Worth, familiar territory (and the most boring drive imaginable). We also flew to Kansas City to see the eclipse, another quick trip, but fun.


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