Ever hear of the Wolfe Pack?

All mystery writers and everyone else who loves a good read should know who Rex Stout is. He introduced us to the modern mystery by his characters: Nero Wolfe and Archie Goodwin. The 70’s TV series was loosely based on his books, Ellery Queen.



Many years ago, when I first began to write mysteries, I was told by a well-known author to read Rex Stout. I did. His books are fun to read. We’re introduced to a private detective who never leaves his brownstone and his gumshoe, Archie.


Nero loves beer and orchids. Archie loves milk and chasing down the bad guys. It’s a fit made in heaven.

I recently had the opportunity to attend The Rex Stout Banquet when I attended a convention in Toronto, Canada. It was fabulous. No words could explain it.

We toasted each other constantly with all the many guest speakers. The meal was to die for. The passed canapes included caviar. The salad was made from butter lettuce. The vegetables were also to die for. However, the peppered beef tenderloin melted in my mouth. The desert almost dropped me to my knees it was so good, Hazelnut and caramel mousse. Can you beat that?




We also had fun with making up parodies using characters names. One group received a standing ovation. An older gentleman from our table wanted to sing solo, so we let him. We also had trivia questions to answer during the evening. It was so much fun. My friend, Carol Pouliot sat beside me and we had so much fun.










I encourage everyone to experience this banquet if the chance should ever arise. It was well worth it!

I write the First Ladies mystery series, historical mysteries, poetry, and picture books.






9 thoughts on “NERO WOLFE BANQUET

  1. The books sound like fun, the conference and the canapes and parodies and toasts sound like fun, but the peppered beef tenderloin… Absolute heaven. As I recall from the TV series, Nero Wolfe enjoyed fine dining. (I’m starving, and the frozen entree that sounded quite good a half-hour ago has suddenly dropped in my estimation.)


  2. As I read this post, I was reminded of an Ellery Queen mystery I read when I was in college. In one scene, Ellery explains to his father’s house boy how to make a perfect omelette. Then, a call comes in with an important lead in the case, and the omelette is abandoned before it can be eaten. Your banquet sounds interesting.


  3. My girlfriend loves TV mysteries seen from a cop’s POV. She adores watching reruns of CIS (Las Vegas). Nothing like watching CGI autopsies. And when they go to the long shots of the Vegas Strip she freezes the shots so we can look at them more closely. They’re from the 2004-2007 period — and it’s been built up so much more since then, and not always for the better. She’s been working on a mystery novel since she was 16 (here I’m exaggerating but it feels like it). I don’t think she’ll ever get it done. So much of it gets lost because the chapters were written on dinosaur software that can’t be salvaged.


  4. That was a brilliant experience, Barbara. Ellery Queen strikes a bell but I’m not sure why- maybe the series was screened on Scottish TV at some time. Interaction like that means the dinner passes really quickly and is much more fun.


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