All I Want for Christmas

This post is by M. K. Waller.

PHOTO PROMPT © Douglas M. MacIlroy

I heard them talking.

Daddy said, She wants a pogo stick.

Mama said, She has enough presents.

Santa brought a pogo stick.

Daddy smiled. Sturdy.

We went outside.

Mama frowned. Don’t fall.

She’s fine. Daddy lifted me on.

I bounced. The pogo stick didn’t.

Daddy frowned. Spring’s tight. You’re not heavy enough.

Daddy tried. He bounced down the sidewalk.

Mr. Smith came over. Can I try?

Daddy jumped off. Sure.

Mr. Smith bounced down the driveway. This is fun.

Let me try again, Daddy.

Daddy bounced up the driveway.

Mama brought me my doll.

She’s right. I have enough presents.


I wrote this 100-word story for Friday Fictioneers. The photo prompt is a plesiosaurus, but I saw a spring. The PHOTO PROMPT is courtesy of Douglas M. MacIlroy, who holds the copyright.

13 thoughts on “All I Want for Christmas

    1. Thanks. I’d like to have a book already written. The inspiration is from life. I wanted a pogo stick for Christmas, I got a pogo stick, I couldn’t make it bounce. My father got on, and he couldn’t make it bounce. I think it hung in the garage for the rest of its life. Nobody was heavy enough for it.


  1. Did you find that this problem followed you into adulthood? A friend of mine still has that sort of problem. When she moved into her new home shoe purchased a riding lawn mower. Riding lawnmowers have a safety feature in the seat. If you leave the seat the mower shuts off. Turns out she doesn’t weigh enough to activate the mower. I doubt she could make a pogo stick bounce either.


  2. That’s probably what my record would have been. Two bounces–maybe one–and I’d have been screaming for my father to get me off before I crashed. But it looked like such fun on television.


  3. Sorry it took so long for me to comment on your post. Slipped by me. But I’m here now. I remember bouncing on a pogo stock when I was a kid. Don’t remember if it was mine or a neighbor’s… probably a neighbor. It grew boring quickly. I was more of a baseball/football guy back in those days. Give me a whiffle ball and bat and I was a happy dude.


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