A Supernatural Follow up

Back in October 2016 I posted about a Supernatural Dream Come True. I was finally going to meet the stars of the show I’d watched for over a decade. When I initially purchased the ticket I went gold because I figured it would be the only chance I had to go to one. At the time of posting the website said they weren’t coming back to Toronto again. With gold came a few perks like autographs from the two major stars which you couldn’t purchase separately.

Two weeks before the convention, auctions went up for meet and greets with the stars. And a VIP pass. Since I probably wouldn’t be going to anymore I figured I should go all out. I wanted to meet the starts but the meet and greets bought separately (if you won the auction) could add up to a lot of money. The VIP pass included meet and greets with all the stars, though only ten minute meetings with each as opposed to the thirty minute ones if you bought a meet and greet. Still, with the VIP pass I wouldn’t have to pick and choose who I wanted to meet. I could meet them all. IF I was one of the winners of the VIP pass. There were ten up for auction. Happily, I did win. A few days later they announced they would be coming back to Toronto in 2019. So if I liked the convention it wouldn’t be my last one after all.

I LOVED it. I don’t know if any others I attend will live up to this one though. It seemed like everything was perfect for this convention. VIP was awesome. I never had to wait in line for my photo ops. One of the perks of VIP was going to the front of the line for everything. One of the other perks of course was the meet and greets. The stars of the show are all so nice. I loved having a chance to chat with them in a more intimate setting than the full length meet and greets.

I will be going back in 2019. And I want to do VIP again. Now that I’ve done it once I don’t think I could do the convention any other way. I loved not waiting in lines. I loved the VIP lounge. I loved hanging out with the other VIPs. They were a great group and I can’t wait to see them again at future conventions. I’m starting to save already because I want to do more photo ops. And maybe even some of the full length meet and greets.

Do you have a favourite show you would attend a convention for?

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8 thoughts on “A Supernatural Follow up

  1. I can’t think of any shows whose stars I’d like to meet. But I’d like to meet some authors–Clyde Edgerton, for one. His books make me laugh. Your post has me thinking about others I’d like to meet. First on the list would be Mark Twain, but the chances of that are severely limited.

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    1. Edgerton was a visiting professor at the University of North Carolina at Wilmington. I lived in Wilmington from 1989 to January 2014. In 2016 during the presidential campaign he was banned from the school system where his kids attended. Can you believe that? It was a black eye for Wilmington.


  2. Sounds like fun. Believe it or not, I’ve never been to a writers convention. I always seem to be in a financial bind. It would be fun to participate, perhaps even be in a roundtable discussion. I’d also like to go to a SF/Fantasy convention and meet some stars of SF/Fantasy movies and TV series. There’s a big Star Trek one in Vegas, but it’s really expensive if you want to get close to the action.


  3. What a neat post, Cindy. So glad everything fell into place and you were able to attend the convention of your dreams. I’ve had things like that happen and the thrill is never gone – those memories last forever!


  4. I am so happy for you Cindy. The show is fabulous and I’ve been an admirer of the talent of the actors, both the stars and guest start. Here’s to an even more wonderful 2019. Doris


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