Tap, Tap, Tap–Learning to Dance by Cher’ley


This blog by Cher’ley Grogg

Many of you have known me for a long time, and you know that my age is no barrier. I learn a few very new to me things each year. Earlier this year it was clogging, and now it is tap dancing. I even threw in some ballroom dance in between.

My favorite tapper:

Image result for tap dancing images

From the Blog A Conscious Rethink I read about learning.

The human brain is an amazing organ that most of us take for granted; it allows us to learn, to imagine, to remember things, and to communicate. It is a complex system of billions of neurons and trillions of connections that makes us, as far as we know, the only living thing capable of conscious thought.

What’s even more remarkable is that the brain can adapt and change in quite drastic ways when required. This process, known as neuroplasticity, is what’s behind our ability to learn new things.

But there is a problem – lasting, plastic change within the brain is only possible when you add one essential ingredient. Without it, any new neural connections that are formed are likely to fade quite quickly.

11 thoughts on “Tap, Tap, Tap–Learning to Dance by Cher’ley

  1. Very inspirational Cher’ley! I too love learning, and sometimes try to learn or do too many things at once (actually more than “sometimes”). But am glad to hear that concentrating on learning something new (which I have to do more than ever now) is going to help my brain remain elastic (as my clothes have to do). Good luck with your dancing! I am impressed.


  2. I’ve always picked things up quickly, and have studied painting and singing, but writing is the only thing I’ve been serious about pursuing in depth (aside from my literature and library courses, and those weren’t exactly optional). Tap fascinates me–how Shirley Temple could dance like that when she was practically an infant–mind-boggling. It also looks exhausting. Best of luck with your lessons and the shows. Will they be on Youtube?


  3. No interest in tap dancing, but I wish you the very best in learning the art — and I consider it an art form. I loved watching Fred Astaire and Gene Kelly dancing back when I was much, much younger.


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