January’s Cold Truth

  This post by Cole Smith   Do you know what it's like to have a January birthday?     It's cold.     And though I used to resent it, over the years I've grown to appreciate my special month. It's more than just finding the silver lining; I look forward to these days. … Continue reading January’s Cold Truth


How I Fell in Love with My Ideal Partner by Abbie Johnson Taylor

In the winter of 2002, I was single and living here in Sheridan, Wyoming.  A couple of months after subscribing, I decided to pose a question on Newsreel, an audio magazine where people with visual impairments could share ideas and music and trade or sell items. Being a writer who attended workshops away from my … Continue reading How I Fell in Love with My Ideal Partner by Abbie Johnson Taylor

Emotional Atmosphere

Today Writing Wranglers and Warriors welcomes a new blogger, novelist Noreen Cedeño     Posted by Noreen Cedeño Did you ever get the feeling that something was wrong in a room or building or space? Can you sense tension in a room, even when no one is there but you, and you aren’t tense? Do … Continue reading Emotional Atmosphere

What Editors Want

Posted by Keri De Deo In his book, On Writing, Stephen King talks about two different kinds of writing: writing with the door closed and writing with the door open. First, you write with the door closed. That means you write for yourself. After you’ve done that, you open the door and revise your writing … Continue reading What Editors Want

Dream by Abbie Johnson Taylor

I woke up in a hospital room. In the next bed, a friend of mine, with whom I attend water exercise classes at the YMCA, was talking, apparently, to someone visiting her. It wasn’t clear how I got here, but I had a vague recollection of being sick at home and another friend stopping by … Continue reading Dream by Abbie Johnson Taylor

Rice Pudding: A Story of Disaster

Posted by M. K. Waller *************   “Ever had one of those days that no matter how hard you try, you screw up everything you do?” My niece posted that on Facebook tonight. Yes, I have. The Day of the Rice Pudding Fiasco. One day back in the Ice Age, my high school faculty scheduled … Continue reading Rice Pudding: A Story of Disaster

Obsessing on elf ears…

Please forgive me. I’m so embarrassed. I just don’t know if I can actually write this post. I’ll do my very best. You see I have this peculiar fascination with ears – not with any old ears. Elf ears… the long pointed ones that project out from the heads of lady elves. My admission is … Continue reading Obsessing on elf ears…

Countdown to a prophecy

My first step to starting the year right was to send my book to my editor. After a nail-biting week I received the file back and to my relief she liked it. There weren’t major changes and the story was pretty solid. I accepted the grammar changes and fleshed out scenes she thought needed a … Continue reading Countdown to a prophecy


By S. J. Brown I hope everyone has been keeping warm in these frigid temperatures. Freezing temperatures add a whole new set of challenges for a wildlife photographer. It is a bit harder to sneak up on my subjects in layers of clothes and warm boots. Warm thick gloves make it a little harder to … Continue reading BRRRRRR

Grow Old With Me

by Neva Bodin Well, today is my birthday and I ain’t no spring chicken any more. I’m not sure I’d even be fit for the soup pot if I was a chicken. OK, I'm 73! There are so many “forwards” re old age, most of them funny and almost all of them true. Recently, one … Continue reading Grow Old With Me