Mission accomplished – Sort of

The key to having a successful year in 2018 meant I had to start the year off right. I hung out with my husband and our cat. It was low key. Partiers we are not. We watched TV, had a drink, and totally missed that it was the New Year until six minutes after the hour. For me it was perfect.

In the morning I got down to business. My first goal of the New Year was to get my science fiction romance, The Princess Prophecy, to my editor. Releasing it on target (January 18) hinges on me getting it to her on time. I still had revisions to key before sending it to her. I found some errors I missed during the first two passes. But, I finally got it sent! Now I wait nervously to get her edits back and hope she didn’t hate the story or find huge problems that will take me more than a week to fix.

I thought that would be the last thing I needed to do. After all, I had the cover done ages ago. Or did I? I love the cover I have for it but I think it screams romance and only whispers science fiction. I’ve been thinking about redoing the cover. Given the short description below and the current cover, what do you think? Go with this cover or get a new one? Keeping in mind future books in the series will still feature the same couple.

The Princess Prophecy

An ancient throne. An unknown prophecy. A reluctant princess controls the fate of the world…

Sophie thinks she’s a typical college freshman. She spends her days making friends and coping with classes, until her whole world changes forever. A group of strange men try to kidnap her, and the only thing that saves her is a long-lost friend who’s sworn to protect his princess…

Nathan tells Sophie that she’s not only half-alien, but she’s royalty on another planet. To make things more complicated, she’s forced to go to that planet to take the throne… or her entire kingdom will suffer.

As Nathan helps her train for her second life, she can’t help but fall for him. But when their ship comes under attack, she wonders if any of them will survive the journey.

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6 thoughts on “Mission accomplished – Sort of

  1. I don’t read the genre, but the cover definitely screams romance to me. (And I love Doctor Who, so you’d think I would have noticed the planetary background 🙂 But it took me longer to see it.) But, like I said, I don’t read this genre, so take my opinion for what it’s worth. Cheers to the home stretch!


  2. I concur with your doubts. The current cover doesn’t tell the reader SF. She could be princess on Earth. You need something that shouts: sci-fi, a spacecraft or an alien landscape. I like SF, so I’ll be buying the book when it comes out.


  3. It does suggest more romance than sci-fi. But it’s a beautiful cover. I love the colors. It must be exciting to have another book coming out–and in just a few days. Nice way to start 2018.


  4. The cover is great but doesn’t tell the whole story. Adding a Scifi element in the background would give the reader a cleared perspective on the books contents.


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