IMGP6507 By S. J. Brown

I hope everyone has been keeping warm in these frigid temperatures. Freezing temperatures add a whole new set of challenges for a wildlife photographer. It is a bit harder to sneak up on my subjects in layers of clothes and warm boots. Warm thick gloves make it a little harder to focus the camera and hit the shutter button.

1SJ Brown Waterfall

The cold can kill camera batteries quickly. Even keeping the camera tucked into my coat doesn’t work well for long. Any pictures I take in the extreme cold tend to be close to the shelter of a car or building. So in colder temperatures I rely on luck a bit more. Most critters only venture out into the cold to eat, so they are harder to spot.

So I try to concentrate on other things while I wait for the temperature to rise. This is the perfect time of year to work on those unfinished projects. Personally I have finished 2 articles I had outlined, scanned a bunch of images, and completed a few more chapters on a manuscript. Then I laid out a print Ad What do you think? Is it too crowded? Does it make you want to check out my website?

2 Book Maniacs ADThe local critters interrupt me a lot when I am working in my office. I have 6 windows and a set of glass sliding glass doors. So every bird that flies to the feeders catches my attention. Each squirrel that wanders past the doors distracts me. Before I know it I am behind the lens and my writing comes to a halt.

4SJ Brown DoveWhen I am writing I need quiet with no distractions, no television, no radio, no family members asking questions. I tend to be more productive in the evenings when the house is quiet, its dark outside and the woodstove has the house nice and warm.

What challenges do you face in the winter? How do you tackle those challenges?

3SJ Brown Rabbit  Thanks for stopping by and stay warm.

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15 thoughts on “BRRRRRR

  1. Interesting post, SJ. I’d never thought about the challenges of taking photographs in cold weather–possibly because I’ve never experienced weather really cold more than a day or two at a time, and rarely that. Challenges? I left home wearing short sleeves at 1:00 p.m. on Thursday and four hours later walked out of a restaurant into 50-degrees with wind, which seemed arctic; sitting around reading that evening, I was too lazy to get up and put on shoes, so my feet nearly froze. We’re supposed to have ice tomorrow night, but if I don’t drive and do keep my feet covered, there should be no problem. I don’t have much of an eye for arts and graphics, but I don’t think your ad is crowded. The squirrel alone would make me want to visit your site.


    1. They are calling for snow here tonight then 60 this weekend. I’m sure the critters don’t like this crazy weather any more than I do.


      1. 27 in Austin, feels like 15, high of 32 today, school closed, flights delayed, pin-head (or smaller) sized dots of sleet on our balcony. Exhilarating, If my husband hadn’t checked the weather, by now I’d be either halfway across town to a doctor’s appointment, flat on my back on a sidewalk, or sitting in my car on a city street, facing the wrong direction. A writing business suggests making our snow day a self-care day by registering for tonight’s workshop:optimists. I planned to go to the gym. Too bad. I’ll write. Back up to 71 on the 20th.


      2. Yes the weather is crazy, freezing one day and warm and sunny the next. Stay in and stay safe and warm, that’s my plan.


  2. My main challenge is slippery streets and sidewalks as a result of snow and ice. At my age, I’m terrified of falling, and my lack of vision doesn’t help, so I limit my walking and get rides to the places to which I would normally walk.


  3. SJ, I always enjoy your Sunday shares on fb. I find summer to be my most productive season, followed by winter, with all its snow days from school. Spring is my busiest time, and I sort of dread it a little, haha. I love working in a school and it feels bittersweet to bid farewell to the students, especially the graduates. But today’s another snowday, and I have a long list of blog tasks and a stocked pantry. And I have a window just over my monitor. I love watching the sun come up and go down on these short days. Maximum cozy, over here.


    1. Glad you enjoy the images. Spring is pretty busy for me as well. That is when I am out looking for babies and convincing their Mom I am not a threat.


  4. I like your ad, and your pictures. I also love pics of wildlife, tame life, any animal life. Today I got some good pics through our living room window of a sparrow hawk feasting on a kill (ring neck dove) he made yesterday, breaking our neighbor’s kitchen window as he caught his prey. He half flew/drug the bird to our front yard to eat. I hadn’t thought about the batteries etc problems with photographing in the cold either. Good luck with any you freeze to take!


    1. I have a shot of a mama squirrel and her baby that I got through the glass living room door. I haven’t perfected getting shots through my office windows yet, but I am working on it. When it is really cold it is a challenge to focus when your fingers are froze. The extreme cold we have had has kept me inside.


  5. I’ve had problems in heat when the view finder fogs up. Back in the 1970s when a reporter in Lancaster, Ohio, I know I had to take photographs during wintertime, but I don’t recall having a whole lot of problems with the cold. Then again, I was doing wildlife like you, which probably explains it.


    1. Most likely when you were out taking pictures in the cold you were only outside for 10 or 15 minutes. With wildlife photography at that point I am just getting started.


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