Dream by Abbie Johnson Taylor

I woke up in a hospital room. In the next bed, a friend of mine, with whom I attend water exercise classes at the YMCA, was talking, apparently, to someone visiting her. It wasn’t clear how I got here, but I had a vague recollection of being sick at home and another friend stopping by and taking me to the emergency room, where I was admitted after a battery of tests.


How had my friend gotten into my house? As sick as I was, it would probably never have occurred to me to unlock the doors so someone could get in, let alone call for help. I’d given my friend a key once so she could stay in my house while I was out of town, but she’d long since returned it to me.


Now, I felt a lot better. I didn’t seem to be attached to an intravenous drip or other equipment. Maybe I should get up, find my clothes, then call a nurse and say I was ready to go home, I thought, but as I lay there, mulling this over, I kept dozing off. I realized that I was still weak and needed rest.


It was only a dream, I realized with relief, as the brightly lit hospital room dissolved into the semi-darkness of my bedroom, and my clock radio came on, signaling that it was time to get up, but it was so real, I thought. As I pulled myself out of bed and started getting ready for my day, I remembered that my late husband Bill had a similar experience when he suffered from West Nile virus two years before we were married. He was sick at home for three days before neighbors looked in on him. He was in bad shape by then, so they called 911. To make a long story short, he was laid up for three months. Was my dream a prediction that this would happen to me?


How about you? Did you ever have a dream that felt so real that you were disappointed or relieved when you woke up? Was this dream based on something that happened to you or someone else? Do you think it’s a prediction of what could happen to you?


Now, please click below to hear me sing about a different kind of dreaming. I hope that for you, bad dreams don’t come true and good ones do.




I’m the author of a romance novel, two poetry collections, and a memoir. My work has appeared in The Avocet and Magnets and Ladders. I have a visual impairment and live in Sheridan, Wyoming, where for six years, I cared for my late husband, who was totally blind and partially paralyzed by two strokes. Before that, I worked as a registered music therapist in a nursing home and other facilities that served senior citizens. For more information, please visit my website and blog.





Author Abbie Johnson Taylor

We Shall Overcome

How to Build a Better Mousetrap: Recollections and Reflections of a Family Caregiver

That’s Life: New and Selected Poems

My Ideal Partner: How I Met, Married, and Cared for the Man I Loved Despite Debilitating Odds

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10 thoughts on “Dream by Abbie Johnson Taylor

  1. Really enjoyed your song, you have a beautiful voice Abbie. I have had dreams like that, and so relieved usually when I wake up. Not many where I want to go back into the dream. Wish I knew more about the reason we have dreams. I know they are symbolic as I took a dream interpretation workshop one time.


    1. Neva, I recently started reading a book called The Sleep Revolution By Ariana Huffington, founder of The Huffington Post. I was looking through the table of contents, and one rthe sections, I believe, deals with dreams. That might be a good place to find the answer, since she uses a lot of material from reputable sources. I’m glad you liked the song.


  2. Funny your post should be about dreams. I had one earlier this week. I was back in my childhood house in Beverly, Ohio, and I was talking to my mom, who’s been dead for 15 years. I don’t recall what we were talking about, but I do recall the sensations as I came awake. I was really disoriented, seeing the Beverly bedroom but something wasn’t right. I squinted in the dim light and realized it was the Beverly house, but the house in Henderson, Nevada. Really weird, but I did enjoy the dream moments with my mom.

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  3. Interesting post, Abbie. I’ve never had a dream that predicted anything, but my grandmother had a recurring dream that did. It always worried her, because what it presaged wasn’t good. Another of her granddaughters had dreams that seemed to look into the future. She also sometimes picked up the receiver before the telephone rang.

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    1. Well, if my dream is a prediction that I’ll end up with West Nile virus, then there’s not much I can do about it except to slather on the mosquito repellent in the summertime when I go outside and hope for the best. It won’t do any good to worry about it. Thanks for your comment, Kathy.


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