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For all of you living with stroppy teenagers, I thought I’d tell you of the time back in 1995 when my then 13 year old son Leon was at his worst…

Leon never wanted to get out of bed in the mornings.  On school days it was the devil of a job getting him out of the door.  He would lie in bed later and later.  All the shouting and cajoling had no effect.

It got to the stage where my husband had to physically lift him out of bed and put him in the car, still in his pyjamas.  He would then get dressed in the car as my husband drove him to school.  He would have had no breakfast, as he had refused to get out of bed.

This carried on for some months, until I returned to work.  I made an arrangement with another mother that my husband would take their daughter to school along with Leon, and she would bring Leon home at the end of the day, where my mum would be waiting for him.

On the evening before I went back to work I warned Leon that we would be taking one of his female classmates to school, and that he needed to get out of bed earlier in order to get dressed.  Did it work?  No… it did not.

There was Leon sitting half asleep in the car in his pyjamas, and a dainty teenage girl sitting on the back seat trying not to grin.  Of course he now couldn’t get dressed because the girl was watching, and so he turned up for school in his pyjamas.  He had to run into the boys’ toilets, get dressed, and then bring his pyjamas out to my husband who was waiting in the car.

Funnily enough that was the first and last time he ever went to school in his PJ’s, and he never had any trouble getting out of bed after that.  Now I have to laugh when he complains that his own teenage daughter won’t get out of bed in the mornings!



Stevie Turner works part-time as a medical secretary in a busy NHS hospital, and writes suspense, women’s fiction, and humorous novels in her spare time. She won a New Apple Book Award in 2014 and a Readers’ Favorite Gold Award in 2015 for her book ‘A House Without Windows’, and one of her short stories was published in the Creative Writing Institute’s 2016 anthology ‘Explain!’.

Stevie lives in the East of England, and is married with two sons and four grandchildren. She has also branched out into the world of audio books, screenplays, and translations. Most of her novels are now available as audio books, and one screenplay, ‘For the Sake of a Child’, won a silver award in the Spring 2017 Depth of Field International Film Festival. It is now being read by a New York media production company.

Stevie can be contacted at the following email address:

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11 thoughts on “Getting Out of Bed by Stevie Turner

  1. Cute story. I have a couple of Anthologies out about boys and the other one about girls. Many of the WW&W have stories in them. I just sold one “All About the Girls” Saturday. Fun reads. I have raised teenagers, or did they raise Me? Welcome aboard, so happy to have you and Congrats on your awards. Cher’ley

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  2. Funny story. I liked to sleep in on weekends when I was a kid. During school days? With some coaxing from mom, I’d get up, eat some breakfast then watch a little Captain Kangaroo before heading out the door for school. Nice to meet you, Stevie.

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  3. This is hilarious. But what an effective way to get him to school without carrying him to the car. A cousin who spent the summer with my family when she was thirteen was difficult to get out of bed. One day my mother let her sleep just to see how long it would take her to wake up. One o’clock in the afternoon. The rest of the summer, Mother continued to let her sleep till nine. If school had been in session, I don’t know what she’d have done.


  4. What a fun story. Raising kids is always interesting. When I was in high school we had split sessions. That meant my freshman and junior years I had to be at the bus top before dawn. I have no idea how my mother managed to get me out the door. I have never been a morning person. Somehow parents always find a way.
    Welcome to the group.


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