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SJBROWN author picBy S J Brown

Each of us in our own way tries to make the world a little better. Writer’s help people escape their daily woes and immerse themselves in another place and time, making the world a little better.

SJBrown1I know a number of teachers that don’t end their connection with their students when the bell rings. They run after school programs, and tutor students. They go to work early and stay late with each student they guide they are making the world a better place.

Anyone who has met me, read one of my blogs or checked out my website site knows, like most wildlife photographers I feel a connection with nature. I try to do my part of make the world a little better. At home I grow my own veggies, compost, buy reusable products, and recycle.

SJBrown3 All of my paper and cardboard waste goes to a local nonprofit that recycles it and uses the money in local schools. I buy potted Christmas trees instead of a cut one and gladly share information on being more environmental friendly with friends and neighbors.

When I clean out my linen closet the sheets, towels, and blankets go to the local humane society. Once we were settled in our home Jay and I realized we had too much furniture. Instead of taking these items to the dump or selling them at a yard sale I listed them for free on a local website. When I remodeled my office I had several sliding glass doors that a gentleman from the area was thrilled to get. I am constantly finding ways to keep things out of the landfill.

SJBrown4Away from home I work with a number of other volunteers planting trees along stream beds. I do presentations for children and adults about wildlife, sharing my love of nature. I am a member of a local gardeners exchange group. There we exchange ideas, information and plants making our little corner of the world a better place.

Occasionally I will take friends or family members out into the field with me giving them a little different perspective on the natural world. I tag monarch Butterflies and take part in citizen science projects.

SJBrown2I buy books from fellow West Virginia writers whenever I can. My little purchase wouldn’t make a difference to Stephen King, but certainly counts to them. I have begun writing book reviews as a way of helping my fellow authors get a little more exposure.
There are so many ways each of us can make things a little better for another person, a critter, or even the world we all share. Take a minute or two and share with me how you accomplish this I am always open to new ideas.

Thanks for stopping by.

As a wildlife photographer and author I have been traveling extensively throughout the United States for over 15 years. I am always accompanied by my husband and spotter in my pursuit of the next critter encounter.
My work has been published internationally in books, calendars, greeting cards, magazines and newspapers. Sharing my photographs and written words are a way to share my wildlife encounters with others and possibly inspire them to explore their creative side.
My books, Close Ups and Close Encounters, All the birds I see, Clancys Cat Nap and two coloring books based on my images are all available through my website

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10 thoughts on “Making it better

  1. Definitely a great way to be and I know you have lots of people who notice what you do and are grateful to you. This is a way of life that needs to be pushed in this day and age, I don’t think it’s being modeled by enough people to our next generation, from what I hear from teachers. I am currently writing articles for a rural electric magazine about educators who make a difference and it is really encouraging to listen to the people they impact. Hopefully this will inspire others also.


    1. Unfortunately parents can’t teach what they don’t know. There are a number of teachers and organizations that are working hard to pick up the slack.

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  2. Glad you’ve given us a peek at your personality. I’ve learned quite a bit about you reading your blog posts through the years, so this latest post wasn’t a surprise. We need more people like you who care about nature and the environment.


    1. My love of nature encourages me to take better care of the earth, well my little part of it. That love is being passed on to my granddaughter. and I want the world to be a place she can love.


  3. I admire you for all you do to make things better. I’ve known a lot of teachers who spent time after school and on weekends working with students. Some kept them from dropping out, just by showing they cared. Others steered them toward getting more education when they’d planned to stop with high school graduation. Others quietly paid graduation expenses for students who couldn’t afford to go through the ceremony otherwise. As you say, there are a lot of things we can do, and even the small things count.


  4. Thanks, Sue. I try to make a difference too. I love nature and people and I try to leave both better than I found them. Hugs are free and so is a kind word. I love your work and your photos. Cher’ley


    1. I know you do make a difference. Lind words when I attended my first writers conference, Urging me to take part in my first anthology, inviting me into this group, the list goes on and one and that is just me. Glad you enjoyed the photos.


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