What’s Your Comfort Zone?

Keri De Deo8 March 2017
by Keri De Deo

I sit at my desk with my head resting on my hand when my husband walks into the room. “Are you OK?” He asks with a small laugh.

I look up at him and nod with a small smile. “I’m thinking,” I say.

This has been my daily routine—staring at the computer, anxiety biting at my stomach, and feeling like I don’t know what I’m doing.

It’s been over a year since I quit my job, and although I’m much happier, I’m uncomfortable. It took some time to figure out why. It wasn’t until I stumbled onto a book as I unpacked a box. It’s called Do Big Small Things, and it’s a travel journal of sorts. I bought it back in 2016 when I was struggling with my life—finding it difficult to go to work and struggled with a kind of identity crisis. I hadn’t done much with the book, but a few weeks ago when I rediscovered it, I opened it and started completing some of the activities. It wasn’t until I got to the page that directed me to do something out of my comfort zone when I had a “eureka” moment.

comfortzoneComfort zone!? I’m completely out of my comfort zone. I have been for over six months. I started my own business, am picking up clients doing jobs that require a learning curve, and trying to write on a new book. Plus, I’m in a new city, new house, and living a completely different lifestyle. No wonder I was struggling!

Since discovering that little kernel of truth, I have been feeling better. The writers block is still there at times, and I still struggle as I stare at the blank screen or read client directions. Every day is new…well, except Fridays when I teach a course—Freshman Composition—a course I’ve taught 1,000 times. It’s not new, but this time, I’m not burned out and I’m enjoying the course because on the off days when I’m not teaching, I’m writing.

I don’t recommend this life for everyone, and who knows, I may give it up in the near future. It’s not very profitable, but for now, it’s where I am, and it’s way outside my comfort zone, but right now, I wouldn’t trade it for that job I gave up.

What’s the last thing you did outside your comfort zone? What did you learn?

~ Keri

Keri De Deo, owner of Witty Owl Consulting, lives in northern Arizona and works as a writer, editor, researcher, and instructional designer. She is author of the young adult novel Nothing but a Song, released in December 2017. She loves technology and finding innovative tools for a happy, healthy life. Keri spends her free time with her husband kayaking, hiking, and walking her two beautiful dogs, Maiya and Lilla. To learn more about Keri, visit her website keridedeo.com or follow her on Facebook (@authorkeridedeo) and Twitter (@thewittyowl)

8 thoughts on “What’s Your Comfort Zone?

  1. Congratulations. Outside your comfort zone, but isn’t the change exhilarating? The last thing I did outside my comfort zone? The farthest outside: I got married for the first time when I was fifty-three. My husband did the same thing. I know a lot people were shaking their heads and expecting disaster. But no. Maybe I was outside their comfort zone.

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  2. Bravo for you. Growth is painful sometimes I think. Sounds like you found your incentive to keep going though! Every experience teaches us something, even the bad or uncomfortable ones. I am still uncomfortable with retirement, even though I have plenty to keep me busy. Not practicing my chosen profession messes with my identity and purpose. But now I have time to grow in other areas and I have to focus on that. Outside the comfort zone stretches us.

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  3. These times are so important, though, aren’t they? They really refocus us on what matters, how we’ve grown, where we’ve been, where we’re heading. Discomfort is so much more interesting for our protagonists, too >:) Cheers to this season in your life. Keep documenting, we’re rooting for you!


  4. I think the last time I was out of my comfort zone was when I went canoeing with my brother and his family in Florida a couple of years ago. That was when we encountered an alligator. Long story short, I lived to tell the tale. I learned that I;m not a real fan of canoeing, even without an alligator.


  5. Going out of our comfort zone is always a great opportunity to grow. The last time I was outside my comfort zone was when I went ziplining in Costa Rica. I was ready to quit and walk back down the mountain by myself, but when I saw a ten year old do it without killing or harming herself, then I bravely but nervously did it. Now I love it and would do it again.


  6. Have to admit… I haven’t been out of my comfort zone. I guess the last time was in early 2014 when I took early retirement, got rid of most of my possessions and move 2,500 miles from coastal North Carolina to Las Vegas, Nevada. That was a plunge into deep water, so to speak.


  7. You really stepped out of your comfort zone. But this a chance to expand your comfort zone and discover more about yourself. Relax and enjoy the ride.


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