Why Blog?

Why Blog?

By Doris McCraw

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July is almost over. For most of us, we are more than half-way through the year. I like to take the time to take stock of where I am in my plans and goals.

Perhaps you’ve asked yourselves these same questions. Am I on target in our writing? How about that ‘blessed’ thing called marketing? How does blogging, and the time it takes, fit into all that? Why blog if no one reads or comments on what I’ve taken the time to think, research and write about? I rethink this every year, asking myself the same thing, why blog?

For me the answer is a bit complex. I’ll break it down into three sections. 1. Marketing 2. Research and 3. Name recognition, (the one that’s a bit tricky for me.)

1. Marketing:

If we write stories, be they short, flash or full length, we want people to read them. Even with non-fiction we want the information to get to those who might enjoy what we’ve researched and written.

For someone like me, who writes slow, there can be a long time between the various stories. Added to that, I write in two historical genres: Western and Medieval. I love both equally. You add to that the poetry I occasionally write, along with non-fiction work, and it gets busy. Facebook can only do so much, as well as emails. Plus, how do you expand your readership. To me, blogging is one of those ways.

I realize not everyone will like what I write, despite my desire that they do. At the same time, finding those readers who will like my work, is a challenge. It helps to use all the options at my disposal, and blogging is one of those for me.

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Photo (c) by author

2. Research:

This is probably the primary reason I blog. I want to share the research I have done with others. History and the people who made it are a compulsion with me. To tell the stories of the people and places from history is something I want to do. I don’t want those pieces from the past to be lost. The nice thing about blogs, especially with the tags, your posts are available via searches almost forever.

For close to ten years I’ve been researching the story of a Colorado criminal. I haven’t written much about him, for he has been hiding the rest of his story. Since the Pikes Peak Library History Symposium presentation on June 9 of this year, I’ve started telling his story via the written word. In fact, I recently submitted the paper based on the presentation for possible publication in the book the library will publish on the topic, Remarkable Rascals, Despicable Dudes and Hidden Heroes.

The other research that’s important for me to share is the story of the early women doctors in Colorado. While ‘Doc Susie’ is a part of that story, it has been slanted her way for far to long. There were so many others who did as much if not more than she. If the book of their lives never gets written by me, at least I’ve shared enough that others have a place to start and find out more based on the blogs I’ve written, and will continue to write.

The stories of the doctors and so many others need to be preserved for future generations. When you feel like you can’t do something, just take a look at what those who preceded you did. It sometimes helps when put into that perspective.


3  Name Recognition:

Since I write fiction under a pen name: Angela Raines, it is important I share that information on my posts. When you add my online name, Renawomyn, it gets a bit tricky.

At the same time, my non-fiction work is important. I simply do not want readers of romance to pick up a book with my real name expecting a sweet story and they are reading about juvenile delinquents, early criminals or lynchings. By using pen names I hope to avoid that problem. Of course the reverse could also be true. Can you imagine buying one of my books about the trials and tribulations of early women doctors, and find your reading a story about a medieval woman and the man she loves?

In the end, whether anyone reads or comments on my blog posts, I have things I want to say. Yes, it hurts when no one seems to care, but in the long run, it’s the future I write for. So, here’s to the future and to the readers who just have to know what I have to share.

And on a lighter note, the book birthday for my first story is this July. It will be four years old. How time does fly.

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12 thoughts on “Why Blog?

  1. Doris, I’ve also found that blogging helps me with practicing craft, writing under deadlines, and avoiding paralyzing perfectionism. When I published my novel last March, it was astonishing how many blogging skills I used. If I hadn’t started blogging, I don’t think I’d have published yet. All of it counts 🙂

    Congrats on your book’s birthday!


    1. Thank you for the book birthday wish. Like you, I started blogging before I wrote my first book. It does help, doesn’t it. I wish you well on all your future endeavors. Doris


  2. I blog for the same reasons you do, Doris, but I don’t do as much research. Blogging, or any other marketing technique, is like gambling. You put time, effort, and sometimes money down and hope that someday you hit the jackpot. Even when you ⠙⠕⠝⠄⠞⠂ you keep doing it.


    1. Abbie,
      It is kind of a ‘crap shoot’ this marketing thing, but it has helped me. I hope it will continue to be a good outlet for you also. All the best. Doris

      Liked by 1 person

  3. Research is my great love. I think it shows in my Civil War novels. Back when I was a reporter, I loved to do research on feature stories dealing with local Fairfield County, Ohio, history. The county seat, Lancaster, was the hometown of the Sherman brothers, the 19th century politician and the general. Next county over, the birthplace of General Sheridan.


    1. Research is one of the big joys in life. When one can use that in wonderful stories it is even better. Wish you all the best in your career. Doris


  4. Great post, Doris. Thanks for sharing.

    I admire you researchers. I don’t write historical fiction because I’m afraid no matter how much research I do, I’ll make mistakes, and, worse yet, read in a [scathing] review that I’ve made them. Worse than that, I’ve found the 1950s, where my most vivid and interesting memories come from, are now historical fiction. I have to research things I ought to know.

    I fell into blogging accidentally and still haven’t come up with a purpose other than having fun. My posts don’t reflect my published work, so I may be confusing potential readers. But I continue to indulge myself. I do think it helps with fluency. And with humility, when I look back and see some of the posts I’ve thrown online.


    1. Kathy, I see blogging as a training ground for writing. While I tend to have a purpose behind most posts, it really is to improve my skills. I love that you blog for fun. Some day I may get to that point, but not immediately.

      I’m with you on researching the times I should know about. Yes, I’m in that era of ‘historical fiction’ also. LOL.
      Thank you for the kind words. Doris


      1. “Fun” might be an overstatement. Sometimes the writing is misery. But that’s usually when I’m trying to say something sensible. Clarity isn’t my strong suit.


  5. Blogging is an interesting endeavor. But I believe any kind of writing is fruitful and putting words to paper that is going public prepares us for any other writing endeavor. You never know where or when the words will touch a reader either that may benefit them or you. And it makes me feel heard.


    1. Neva, I think anytime someone takes on the task of communicating via writing, you can improve your skills. I also agree, you never know when your words will make a difference in some way in another person’s life. Write on! Doris


  6. Blogging with this group is my way of connecting with others. Sometime sit seems everyone is busy and not reading other time I can’t believe how many people have read what I wrote. Hopefully what I have to say makes a difference. I hope I can make someone think , or just brighten their day with a smile while they view one of my images. Thanks for sharing.


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