Tumbling the bowling pins

Mike StatonMike Staton is the author of this post.

I’ve a friend who has taken up bowling.

On Facebook Anne recently bragged that she bowled her highest three-game series ever – 200, 177 and 169. That’s darn good. I’d be happy with those scores.

I use to bowl. It’s been decades, though, since I sent a bowl rolling down a lane toward the 10 pins. Maybe I should give it a try.

The Sunset Station casino and hotel near me has a huge bowling alley. I learned of its existence when I stayed there back in 2011 when visiting Sharon. I was impressed with how scoring has changed since the last time I bowled – no longer paper sheets for scoring, but now done electronically. Maybe I should try to convince Sharon to join to try some bowling with me. At the minimum maybe she could keep score. I think she knows how to keep score since she went on a bowling date with a boyfriend 15 years ago. She can’t deny it since I’ve seen video of her on that long-ago date.

Orange Bowl signIn elementary school in Rialto, California, I bowled in youth leagues at the Orange Bowl just two blocks from my house. I had my own bag, ball and shoes. Those memories are sweet, something I treasure now. Dad and mom bowled in adult leagues. I spent many hours in bowling alleys, getting a bite to eat in their restaurants, getting a dime to buy candy cigarettes from vending machines.

In college, my roommate and I would go up to the Baker Center bowling alley on weekends and bowl some games. We bowled some 200-plus games and decided to try out for the Ohio University Bowling Team. We didn’t make the team, but enjoyed the tryouts. I even bowled a couple of 220 games, but my scores dropped later in the tryouts.

Sunset Station bowlingThose were good times, both at the Orange Bowl and later at Ohio University’s Baker Center. But times change – the Orange Bowl was torn down in 2008 after sitting abandoned for years; Baker Center, replaced with a new student center.

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I’m an author with four published novels that include a sword-and-sorcery fantasy trilogy – The Emperor’s Mistress, Thief’s Coin and Assassins’ Lair. The fourth novel is a historical romance set during the Civil War. It’s called Blessed Shadows Dark and Deep. I’ve begun writing my second Civil War novel – Deepening Homefront Shadows. All my novels can be purchased via the website of my publisher, Wings ePress, as well as the websites of Amazon and Barnes and Noble.

13 thoughts on “Tumbling the bowling pins

  1. Very interesting. I had no idea scoring has been taken over by technology. I love to bowl but haven’t done so in years. I took a class in college. Started scoring in the 70s, ended the semester in the ’20s. When I think too much about what I’m doing, I freeze up. Making up a missed class with a friend,on a Saturday night at the semester’s end, I bowled a 150 and a 170 and thus went through finals worrying the instructor would think I’d cheated. She had told me I had excellent form, so maybe she didn’t think too poorly of me. I made a ‘B.’ It ruined my GPA, and in only my second semester, but taught me an important lesson: Never take a P.E. class in which performance can be quantified. After that, I focused on my strengths: dress out, smile, fling myself around with fervor, act like I”m having fun. But don’t get near a number.


    1. That’s funny, Kathy, on regard to your class in college and getting quantified. I took a class in tennis at Ohio University. The same holds true with tennis. I think I got a B in it.


  2. I was once into bowling when I was in college, so much so that my parents gave me a bowling ball and shoes for Christmas one year. Now, I have no idea where that ball is, and I haven’t bowled in ages, but the good news is that you may have inspired a post for my own blog. Thanks.

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  3. The last time I bowled was about a year ago. We took my grand daughter. For me a good score would be close to 100. I do remember keeping score on paper. I was never very good I just played for fun from time to time in High School.


    1. About the last time I bowled was back in the mid-1980s when roommates and friends went to a bowling alley in Leesburg, Florida, and bowled some games. I was really rusty and bowled around 120 or so.


  4. I have done a lot of bowling over the years. but never with 3 games like Sharon’s. My youngest grandson loves to bowl occasionally and has taken me bowling a few times with him and my great grandkids. Cher’ley


    1. It was really a big sport back in the day. Mom and dad bowled in leagues in California. I grew up on little league fields and in bowling alleys. I remember sitting in the den with dad and watching bowling on TV. One name sticks in my mine… Dick Weber. He was a giant, the best there ever was. I was watching a bowling tournament a few days ago, and they mentioned Weber. He has passed away.


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