A New Me

Recently while my homemaker from the local senior center was cleaning, she found plaster falling from the ceiling near my kitchen door. Apparently, it had gotten wet. This could only mean one thing. My roof was leaking again. Why didn’t I see this? Well, with my limited vision, I don’t see things unless they’re close … Continue reading A New Me


Ye-Gads Electronic Failure

  This Blog  by Cher'ley Grogg Q: Why did the computer keep sneezing? A: It had a virus! Q: What is a computer virus? A: A terminal illness! Q: Why was the computer cold? A: It left it's Windows open! Follow this link to Read more. Not just on one electronic. My laptop and phone went down at … Continue reading Ye-Gads Electronic Failure

An Open Letter

Post by Doris McCraw I lost my mother in February of 2011. I still miss her, and thought I would share a letter she might have written to me about how to be a loving person and live in this world without letting define or defeat me. So, Mom, I hope you are looking down … Continue reading An Open Letter

Old Stuff Day and a Cliche by Cher’ley

This post by Cher'ley Grogg When asking someone "What's new?" or "What's happening?", how often do you hear "Nothing really, same old stuff". According to Holiday Insights, today, is Old Stuff Day, in recognition of this all too common response. It is suggestive of a boring time period, or a boring life style. ....how sad. … Continue reading Old Stuff Day and a Cliche by Cher’ley

Who Knew? Twenty Plus Who Paved the Way!

Post written and copyright by Doris McCraw             I hope everyone had a pleasant time off and enjoyed the offerings of the season. I've had less time to research but that didn't stop me from trying. For this post I'm sharing some statistics about some of these early women doctors. … Continue reading Who Knew? Twenty Plus Who Paved the Way!

Aging and Learning: Teaching an Old Dog New Tricks

This post by Gayle M. Irwin   He sleeps on the multitude of dog blankets which we’ve bought for him and spread throughout the house. He stands and his back legs wobble, oftentimes collapse, and he falls and struggles to regain his footing. In dim light, he walks into corners and simply stands and stares, … Continue reading Aging and Learning: Teaching an Old Dog New Tricks

Fear of Falling

This post written by L.Leander, Author of Fearless Fiction Have you ever taken a fall that changed your life? I have. During my childhood, of course, I fell off my bicycle (yes, I was riding a girl’s bike, and yes, I fell on my private parts), off the monkey bars on the school playground (that … Continue reading Fear of Falling

Glancing Back, Looking Ahead

This post by Gayle M. Irwin This weekend is my 35th high school reunion. Actually, I have two reunions: one in Iowa and one in Wyoming. My parents and I left a 14-acre farm near a small Iowa town the summer of my senior year. We moved from the Mediapolis area, in the southeastern part … Continue reading Glancing Back, Looking Ahead

No dogs allowed!

This post by L.Leander, Author of Fearless Fiction We have a new addition to our family. Her name is Patty and our lives have changed. We have awesome friends in our little area on the lake in the campground where we have our permanent site. We spend a lot of time with our next-door neighbors … Continue reading No dogs allowed!