Halloween 1870s Style

Post by Doris McCraw First, I'll get my new story/promotion out of the way. I have a story in the anthology "One Yuletide Knight" that is now up for pre-order and will be available as an ebook on November 2, 2017 with the print version available shortly after. You can purchase it at: One Yuletide Knight … Continue reading Halloween 1870s Style


The Branding of “Stephen Buehler”™

By Stephen Buehler In my last blog I talked about my anticipation of going to Left Coast Crime, a mystery writers and readers convention that will be held in Phoenix 2/25 - 2/28. On the very first day of the conference at 9am, I have signed up for an event called, Author Speed Dating. For … Continue reading The Branding of “Stephen Buehler”™

O is for Ornery by Cher’ley

This blog by Cher'ley Grogg If I Were a Millionaire "Take a pencil and paper," the teacher said, "and write an essay with the title 'If I Were a Millionaire' " Everyone but Little Johnny, who leaned back with arms folded, began to write furiously. "What's the matter," the teacher asked. "Why don't you begin?" … Continue reading O is for Ornery by Cher’ley

Writing the Human Condition

Post copyright Doris McCraw             Writers write about the human condition. We tell stories about falling in love, solving mysteries and defeating evil.  Still at the heart of every story is the joys and sorrows of our heroes and heroines. Each person tells the story as they know it, but … Continue reading Writing the Human Condition

Cover to Cover-Judge a Book by Its Cover by Cher’ley

This Blog by Cher'ley Grogg Do you Judge a Book by the Cover? Of course you do. That's the first thing you notice and then you proceed from there. Perhaps the first chapter or the back cover. Sometimes we scan from Cover to Cover. From an expert, JK Waters Jeri - JeriWB Author & Editor. … Continue reading Cover to Cover-Judge a Book by Its Cover by Cher’ley

Making an Anthology, Snip-Snip and Paste-Paste by Cher’ley

   This blog by Cher'ley  Grogg   Cutting and pasting isn't what it used to be, now it's copying and pasting, but it's still not easy. I find that it is both frustrating and    calming at the same time.   Boys will be Boys—The Joys and Terrors of Raising Boys is almost done. Just … Continue reading Making an Anthology, Snip-Snip and Paste-Paste by Cher’ley

Unexpected Consequences by Erin Farwell

When my first book came out (I am working on the sequel) several experienced authors advised me to start a blog. Over and over I heard how it would help readers find my book and get to know my writing style, which would increase sales and establish myself as an author. Despite these truths I … Continue reading Unexpected Consequences by Erin Farwell

A Second Look Behind Our Eyes by Abbie

This post by Abbie Johnson Taylor Behind Our Eyes is a group of writers with disabilities with whom I’ve been involved for years. In 2006 after my late husband Bill suffered his first stroke and while he was recuperating in a nursing home, I heard about this group through a magazine for people like me … Continue reading A Second Look Behind Our Eyes by Abbie