Have you ever rode the rails?

Have you ever rode a long journey on a train? It’s a blast. My love for the train goes way back to my grandpa who had been an engineer for the Milwaukee Road and drove the Hiawatha from Minneapolis to Chicago and points beyond. My dad loved the train. He brought me twice to Chicago … Continue reading Have you ever rode the rails?


DUMFOONERT…just a bit!

This post is by Nancy Jardine. Some readers may already know that I take my stock of novels and do signing/ selling sessions at local Craft Fair Venues. I really enjoy these events but have to say I never quite know what questions might be asked of me. Last Saturday was a really good one. … Continue reading DUMFOONERT…just a bit!

Time for fall! by Barbara Schlichting

Now that our children are grown and have children of their own, my memories come forward and lead me down memory lane.  The fun fall days come to mind of raking leaves and hearing them crunch underfoot and now our grandchildren enjoy the same activity. When our two boys were young, we’d rake leaves and … Continue reading Time for fall! by Barbara Schlichting

History of Dolls by Barbara Schlichting

Since my A First Ladies Mystery series is set in a dollhouse, I thought it’d be interesting to learn the history of dolls. Doll origins date to the beginning of time. Women passed their dolls down to their daughters as toys. In ancient times, they were considered part of religious rites and ceremonies. Greek literature … Continue reading History of Dolls by Barbara Schlichting

Writerly Optimism Big Time

This post is by Nancy Jardine I love visiting Castle Fraser…usually! Castle Fraser, around 4 miles from my house, is the nearest property that’s owned and managed by the National Trust for Scotland (NTS). It's reputed to be one of the grandest of the Castles of Mar and has a very elaborate Z -plan structure. Its … Continue reading Writerly Optimism Big Time