Because I Said So! by Cher’ley

   This Blog  by Cher'ley Grogg As many of you know, I am now in charge of my great-grandchildren, for how long I don't know, but my grandson is on a solitary journey of being in the military and caring for a 2 1/2 and a 1-year-old. So far I have not said, "Because I said … Continue reading Because I Said So! by Cher’ley


Sins of the Parents

This post is by Abbie Johnson Taylor   Late last Thursday afternoon, I was in my office, working on my new novel, when I heard a vehicle with a diesel engine pull into my driveway. I live next door to a day care center, and some parents park at the bottom of my driveway momentarily … Continue reading Sins of the Parents

Dumbest Thing I’ve Done by Cher’ley

  This Blog  by Cher’ley Grogg Over on the SDL Facebook wall, Dan Pearce asked: what was the most hilariously stupid thing you’ve ever done? He got 24 favorite answers. Here are 3: I stopped at Hollister and inspected one of the sweaters on their mannequins. Only it wasn’t a mannequin. It was a guy waiting for his girlfriend to … Continue reading Dumbest Thing I’ve Done by Cher’ley

Culture’em early!

This post is by Nancy Jardine. Our local schools have recently had their 2 week spring holiday. When I was teaching, those two weeks were avidly awaited - they were an opportunity to recharge my batteries and snatch a short break in cultural venues steeped in history like Vienna, Barcelona, or Mediterranean islands like Malta … Continue reading Culture’em early!

Happy Easter

This post by Jennifer Flaten   Happy (early) Easter. I love Easter, it is such low key holiday. While I decorate, it is nothing like Christmas. I have an Easter lily (safely out of reach for my animals) and an assortment of bunnies and chicks, including Snoopy dressed as a bunny and a singing Peter … Continue reading Happy Easter

Over the Bridge and Along the Creek by Abbie Johnson Taylor

Author Abbie Johnson Taylor Believe it or not, Thanksgiving is around the corner so I thought I’d share a little ditty I wrote recently. Years ago when my grandmother was alive, I enjoyed walking to her house, even as an adult. Now, our town boasts a series of connected cement walkways that would have provided … Continue reading Over the Bridge and Along the Creek by Abbie Johnson Taylor

Grandma’s Radio by Abbie Johnson Taylor

Author Abbie Johnson Taylor Grandparent’s Day was a few weeks ago, and I completely forgot about it until now. Several months ago when it was my turn to facilitate our third Thursday poets’ meeting, I played my guitar and sang “Grandma’s Feather Bed.” I brought copies of the lyrics so people could sing along if … Continue reading Grandma’s Radio by Abbie Johnson Taylor

Lunch Time

This post by Jennifer Flaten Summer is here, which means the kids are home for lunch, most days. During the school year I send them off to school with a bag lunch and it is much the same every day, sandwich, drink, fruit snacks, and a granola bar. They don’t complain much about the sameness.  … Continue reading Lunch Time


This post by Jennifer Flaten   Wheeee! It’s summer vacation. Is it unseemly that I am just as happy as my kids that it’s summer vacation? I love summer vacation. I enjoy spending time with my kids...although now that they are teenagers/pre-teens perhaps they are less enthused to spend time with me.   I also … Continue reading Summertime

Flood the World with Kindness

This post by Gayle M. Irwin Be Kind to Animals Week began this week. I originally thought it ran through Sunday, May 10, which happens to be Mother's Day; however, within a week, I found a new website that says it runs until Saturday, May 9th. Either way, this special week overlaps the weekend we … Continue reading Flood the World with Kindness