The Princess is here – what’s next?

It feels like it took forever to get The Princess Prophecy out into the world. From the idea to it finally being live was almost three years. And it's not a long book. Procrastination isn't my middle name for no reason. Of course it was the fear that made me do other things instead of … Continue reading The Princess is here – what’s next?


Countdown to a prophecy

My first step to starting the year right was to send my book to my editor. After a nail-biting week I received the file back and to my relief she liked it. There weren’t major changes and the story was pretty solid. I accepted the grammar changes and fleshed out scenes she thought needed a … Continue reading Countdown to a prophecy

Mission accomplished – Sort of

The key to having a successful year in 2018 meant I had to start the year off right. I hung out with my husband and our cat. It was low key. Partiers we are not. We watched TV, had a drink, and totally missed that it was the New Year until six minutes after the … Continue reading Mission accomplished – Sort of


Post (c) Doris McCraw We will soon be celebrating Christmas, a time of year of good will, food, fun, family and for some a time of deep connection to all that is. This is followed by New Years, and a time of new beginnings, resolutions and longer days. The New Year comes at a time … Continue reading Resolution/Revolution

Ranch Retreat

This post by Gayle M. Irwin An earlier January blog post mentioned a self-imposed retreat I was planning, so I decided to do a follow-up about the experience. One word describes it: AWESOME! Although I could end my thought with that word, I'll share a bit more. On January 15 , 16 and 17, I … Continue reading Ranch Retreat

Leaping into This Leap Year

This post by Gayle M. Irwin This new year is also a leap year, which, according to Wikipedia, adds an extra day “to keep the calendar year synchronized with the astronomical or seasonal year.” One extra day this year – an extra day to write! This weekend I'm taking myself on a writing retreat. My … Continue reading Leaping into This Leap Year

The New Year Brings a New Chapter

It’s a new year so you’re going to be bombarded by posts this month on goals and resolutions. And yep, that’s what I’m going to be talking about for this post too. It helps to get your goals down, put them out there in the universe. Speaking them aloud makes them more real somehow. You’re … Continue reading The New Year Brings a New Chapter

Making an Impact – Part 1: Writing and Speaking

This post by Gayle M. Irwin Many writers make a big splash, and a big impact. Big fish like JK Rowling, Beverly Lewis, Nora Roberts, James Patterson, Mark Twain, even Shakespeare live in much bigger ponds than me. I feel like a small fry compared even to fellow Wyoming writers like Craig Johnson, CJ Box, … Continue reading Making an Impact – Part 1: Writing and Speaking

Embracing New Opportunities

This post by Gayle M. Irwin A new season is upon us. Although spring is usually touted as the season of growth and renewal, autumn is also a season of change. Green leaves become golden and russet, and air temperatures slowly decrease over days, weeks, and months. Just as the summer fades and autumn rises, … Continue reading Embracing New Opportunities