Some Thoughts on History

Post by Doris McCraw I'm in the midst of writing a novel due to be released in January. I'm also writing a paper for the library districts history symposium. Additionally, I'm thinking of taking the nanowrimo challenge this November.  So you may wonder why I chose 'Some Thoughts on History' as the subject of this … Continue reading Some Thoughts on History



This post is by Nancy Jardine. Authors are often quoted as having the most amazing imagination but I’m not always sure that’s an instinctive attribute for all writers. Personally speaking, I need a little bit of help to kick start my imagination when I’m writing. Once I get that little extra push, I’m right into … Continue reading Imagining…imaging

History of Dolls by Barbara Schlichting

Since my A First Ladies Mystery series is set in a dollhouse, I thought it’d be interesting to learn the history of dolls. Doll origins date to the beginning of time. Women passed their dolls down to their daughters as toys. In ancient times, they were considered part of religious rites and ceremonies. Greek literature … Continue reading History of Dolls by Barbara Schlichting

Beyond the Roman Frontier

This post is by Nancy Jardine Yesterday, I took a lovely coach trip to Inverness, the Capital of the Highlands in Scotland - at least that’s what it’s often unofficially named. My trip wasn’t a social one; it was another type of learning curve for me. An advert in one of my FaceBook groups, a … Continue reading Beyond the Roman Frontier