Have you ever rode the rails?

Have you ever rode a long journey on a train? It’s a blast. My love for the train goes way back to my grandpa who had been an engineer for the Milwaukee Road and drove the Hiawatha from Minneapolis to Chicago and points beyond. My dad loved the train. He brought me twice to Chicago … Continue reading Have you ever rode the rails?


Some Thoughts on History

Post by Doris McCraw I'm in the midst of writing a novel due to be released in January. I'm also writing a paper for the library districts history symposium. Additionally, I'm thinking of taking the nanowrimo challenge this November.  So you may wonder why I chose 'Some Thoughts on History' as the subject of this … Continue reading Some Thoughts on History

Pah! Too many characters?

This post is by Nancy Jardine. Yesterday I posted a question on two of my Facebook places where I appealed to those who are readers. I asked them: “What would you consider to be the maximum amount of main characters you'd be comfortable with in a historical adventure novel?”  (NB I pronounce the ‘h’ so … Continue reading Pah! Too many characters?

A Little Bit of Why

Post copyright by Doris McCraw We all seem to have the Big Why in our lives. Why did I do this, or that. We tend to beat ourselves up over some mistake. Let's take a look at the Little Why. Why do I continue to comment on other people's blog post even when they do … Continue reading A Little Bit of Why

Delightful Details

Post copyright Doris McCraw As I work to complete my short story for a Medieval Anthology, along with a Western one and a proposal for next years History Symposium, I am having fun with those delightful details. In the midst of preparing this post, the link for a music video came through. Talk about details. … Continue reading Delightful Details


Post copyright 2015 by Doris McCraw I think two-year olds are on to something. Why? Why! Why.  Why is why so important? For someone like me, when I ask the why I am able to focus on the stories. I also share some of the whys that create the content on this blog. Why do … Continue reading WHY

Settling West of Pikes Peak

Post copyright by Doris McCraw         Despite the 1859 Pikes Peak or Bust gold rush, the area up Ute Pass and the west side of Pikes Peak had no settlements until you reached Fairplay in the South Park area. The town of Colorado City, founded in 1859, was one of the last … Continue reading Settling West of Pikes Peak

Actor/Writer- How They Relate, Plus A New Release

Post written and copyright by Doris McCraw           As most readers of this post know I have researched the women doctors in Colorado prior to 1900 for some time now. During that time, I have also been pursuing other avenues of creativity. Since the release of my most recent work of … Continue reading Actor/Writer- How They Relate, Plus A New Release

Lookin’ I’m lookin’

On sunday I was doing a lot of looking and a lot of thinking. Why might that be worth writing about? Let me explain... When it comes to down to it which do you think is the easier to absorb- a visual image or a written description? I know that question might raise a few … Continue reading Lookin’ I’m lookin’